[Ibogaine] not interested!

Nick Sandberg nick227 at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Feb 21 14:51:31 EST 2008

Hi Jesse,


In my experience, a lot of professionals in the treatment industry have
picked up these kinds of ideas about ibogaine. It's a real shame people are
so cynical or just misinformed. I remember attending conferences on drug
addiction in the UK years ago and just chatting to people about it. At the
time pretty much no one had even heard of it. Even then I remember most
people didn't want to know. They just assumed it didn't work or came up with
some reason to push ibogaine out of their awareness, like just the notion of
it was threatening to them. 


If you get the chance why not ask the clinic director to check more deeply?
When people start to believe that ibogaine can't work or it would have been
developed by now..that's sad.





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Hi Randy, I'm on Methadone and have been daily for 5 years. I go to a clinic
and I'm  on 90mg for oppiate addiction. I've never been so addicted to
anything in my life as I am this Methadone. So naturally when I heard about
the Ibogaine on a support forum for Meth. I was curious as to what it was.
Since then I've had a appt. with the head director at my clinic to discuss
this and she said  that yes she's heard of it and the fact is that
absolutely nothing as of yet will cure any addiction. If something out here
did, then wouldn't everyone be cured? I just don't like having all of these
e-mails on my list. It's seems it's just people arguing back and forth. Also
it seems to me that the Ibogaine is not safe. I've since read that you can
die from it!  My curiousity has been fullfilled and I just don't need this
taking over my mail list. Thanks Dude:) Later, Love, Jesse

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