[Ibogaine] not interested!

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Hi Jesse;
If you are still on the list; ibogaine is not any more dangerous than most medications provided you take it as you are supposed to within certain guidelines. There is no cure other than in your self; ibogaine is an addiction interrupter; a way of painlessly getting through the withdrawal phase while increasing your chances of staying off drugs and helping with internal issues. I suggest you carry on doing research and dont throw the baby out with the bathwater.
Take care

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Hi Randy, I'm on Methadone and have been daily for 5 years. I go to a clinic and I'm  on 90mg for oppiate addiction. I've never been so addicted to anything in my life as I am this Methadone. So naturally when I heard about the Ibogaine on a support forum for Meth. I was curious as to what it was. Since then I've had a appt. with the head director at my clinic to discuss this and she said  that yes she's heard of it and the fact is that absolutely nothing as of yet will cure any addiction. If something out here did, then wouldn't everyone be cured? I just don't like having all of these e-mails on my list. It's seems it's just people arguing back and forth. Also it seems to me that the Ibogaine is not safe. I've since read that you can die from it!  My curiousity has been fullfilled and I just don't need this taking over my mail list. Thanks Dude:) Later, Love, Jesse 

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