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Thu Feb 21 12:27:30 EST 2008

Hi Laura, Just out of curiosity what were you addicted to when you decided to try the Ibo.?  I've heard that it's just a myth and it does not cure anything. All it does is make you trip heavy. I was a big acid head in the 70's I took it at least 100 times. I could never take acid again now it messed with my head too much. Is it at all similiar to LSD with the paranoia part or is it just visuals? If I thought I could actually get over this intense addiction I have to opiates then yes I would do anything not to be stuck in this trap I'm in. I do Love Methadone though and I don't have any pain or real worry or depression. The sleep is just (pardon the expression) to die for!!  So I guess saying all of that "do I really want off of the Methadone or not?" I just hate knowing that I'm so dependant on something and the total HELL I would go through if for some reason I couldn't get it anymore. That terrifies me. Withdrawing from Methadone is, from what I've heard,  a living nightmare to say the least. OK I'll stop now. Thanks for letting me speak my mind.  Love, Jesse:)
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