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More from Alex. More comes out now about where his position is coming from.




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Dear Nick,


You started writing to me 


>From your first e-mail, all I have received from you has been relentless


I am sorry that you don't like me coming back to the question of
pharmaceutical regulation


But that is the fundamental question here


Not many people want to go back to the days of the wild west where dangerous
snake oil panaceas were sold to the gullible at high prices


Untested treatments are often heavily promoted in the alcohol and drug field


Naltrexone implants are just the latest example


The experience with these untested panaceas has often been very painful 


best wishes, 







Dr. Alex Wodak,
Director, Alcohol and Drug Service,
St. Vincent's Hospital, 
Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010,


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awodak at stvincents.com.au

Dear Alex,

It is not my intention to be hostile. I simply want you to look at the
deeper issues and, encountering resistance and being trained as a therapist,
I sometimes become forceful. I apologise if I have been overly so. I greatly
appreciate your integrity. However, I submit that prior negative experiences
cannot be a justification for completely shutting the door on new
possibilities. Naltrexone implants were foisted on the drug user in an
inhumane manner but ibogaine is a vastly different drug. I urge you to look
at the deeper issues and reconsider your position.


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