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here's my transcript:
Dear Don,

The pharmaceutical industry is closely regulated for good and proper reasons

We know full well what the costs are of not regulating that industry properly

Rules have been developed

Most countries follow similar rules

And the way the rules work, it is understood that drugs are only approved if sufficient evidence exists 

And what does and does not constitute evidence is clearly defined

What a tribe does in Gabon or Manhattan does not constitute evidence unless and until it has been reported in a respected journal 

These facts (especially Bwiti usage history) cannot be considered as evidence and accordingly will only be included in my 
ibogaine presentation to demonstrate how out of touch ibogaine supporters are.

best wishes, 


Dr. Alex Wodak,
Director, Alcohol and Drug Service,
St. Vincent's Hospital, 
Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010,

Telephone: (61+02) 9361 8012
If no prompt answer, try 9361 8014
Facsimile: (61+02) 8382 4738
awodak at stvincents.com.au

>>> "DC in AZ" <dcollier9 at cox.net> 21/02/2008 2:51:20 am >>>

Hi Dr. Wodak,

Thanks for all you do, especially in the legalization field.

Are you aware that Iboga (the raw root that is refined to make ibogaine)
has been in use for hundreds of years or longer in Gabon Africa without
danger ? The Bwiti tribe medicine men can advise you on safety and efficacy.

I am interested in it, since it is used by them as a treatment for a bad stomach.

The ibogaine list server (ibogaine at mindvox.com) has additional reports (many)
of usage of ibogaine in legal clinics around the world for relief from opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Perhaps these facts (especially Bwiti usage history) can be considered as data for your
ibogaine presentations.


Don Collier
Senior Software Developer and Solutions Architect 
"Love converts hearts, and gives peace."

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