[Ibogaine] HELLO

Laura Shapiro laurashapiro1 at mac.com
Wed Feb 20 17:52:57 EST 2008

hello everyone,
I just want to introduce myself to this board.  My name is Laura and  
I'm from Philadelphia. I've now take ibo twice in the last 6 months  
and I'm feeling fucken great! no cravings, no withdraws.  I have no  
desire to use.  This board is awesome it's nice to here people speak  
about suck a social stigma.  Also, Patrick thank you for taking the  
time to check in and talk w me daily.

Thanks everyone,
On Feb 20, 2008, at 5:12 PM, Randy Faulconer wrote:

>          Hello Jesse, I'm just curious here when I say this, what did
> you think it would be, this list that is? Maybe you should ask
> questions about the things that made you curious enough to join the
> list in the first place. I for one would welcome you, and try and help
> answer some of those questions. Participate bro!!
>        Peace Love and Understanding
>                Randy
> On 2/20/08, jessewood at netzero.net <jessewood at netzero.net> wrote:
>> Please take me off of the list, as this is not what I thought it  
>> would be.
>> I'm being bombarded with e-mails from other people with vulgar  
>> language and
>> I've seen enough. Thank you for your prompt attention. Sincerely,  
>> Jesse Wood
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