[Ibogaine] FW: Small, well-designed trial of ibogaine for opiate detox

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I have a couple relatives that cannot get off of Zoloft or Paxil, or they wig out...once you're on them, you cannot get off them. Zoloft is the worst

a couple of weeks ago, my nephew finally got off Prozac, and then shot and killed himself, he was late 20's in age... 
he left a wife and two little girls, very sad. he had gotten his life together with a good job etc for a couple of years.

you are correct about anti-depressents being dangerous, everyone should be cautioned. this is real brain chemistry, so complex,
it proves there must be a Supreme Being that created us.

hang in there,
"Love converts hearts, and gives peace."
"when I hold you in my arms..." - from "Sarah Smile" by Hall and Oates.

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  Well, there are moves to get rid of non-Western approved medications in the EU. The pharm business is about as murky as it gets, in my experience. It's really darkness visible, devil-worshipping stuff. The idea is that you need to demonstrate empirically that a medication is effective, or it gets hard to sell it. Problem is that many medicines work more subtly and through channels western science can't understand and thus disputes even exist.

  Relating to Chinese medicine, back in the day doctors over there used to get paid by patients who stayed well, not when you were sick. It gave the docs an incentive to keep you healthy. Nowadays in the West it's the polar opposite. Currently 11% of American women are on anti-depressant meds. It's lunacy. You go to the doctors for anything and any suspicion of depression and you're on some ssri. For years, or for life. Sheer madness. DSMIV now has even more categories of depression, seemingly just so more and more people can be prescribed anti-depressants - drugs which make the pharm business a living fortune. Like I say, the whole thing is corruption incarnate. </rant!>



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