[Ibogaine] Questions

Jonathan Brownstone thirteen23 at hushmail.com
Wed Feb 20 05:52:23 EST 2008

Hi Howard,
it was explained to me that it would take 30+ days for me to "feel  
better than normal, damn good actually" after I do the Ibogaine work  
if I were to do it at a  dosage of 7.5-5mgs and under 10 days to feel  
good if I were to do the same with morphine.  The idea is that  
methadone is a long acting opiate and takes longer to recover from  
than a short acting opiate like morphine.

I've always been about 20lbs underweight, I'm thin and tall with very  
long limbs and a disproportionately small torso....I think that to  
get the most out of the Ibogaine experience and be strong afterwards  
I should get strong now.  I'm not sure that there is a relationship  
between methadone and my weight, beyond the standard stuff.....I've  
always had a hard time gaining weight.

I used to be a heroin addict.  I've "kicked" methadone 3 times in the  
last 4 years, always caving around the 2 month "clean" mark.  I'm  
going to do the work and then I'm going to hike around Europe for a  
few months with a friend...that'll be my aftercare....I'd like to be  
strong when I go into it and shorten the amount of recovery time so  
my trip goes well and I'm not 20 lbs underweight, overseas, and  
looking at 30+days of wierdness paying 100pounds/night for my hotel  
room. (smiles) ...yeah....I'd like to do Ibogaine work....recover  
within ten days.......and then have the time of my life hiking around  
Ireland and England....enjoying my clear mind, healthy body, and  
fresh groovyness clean senses soaking up the manna at all the places  
of power returning home a new man....


On Feb 19, 2008, at 8:16 PM, Howard Lotsof wrote:

> Jonathan,
> Is see no value in your switching from 7.5 mg of methadone to
> morphine equivalent. Your methadone dose is so low that it just
> doesn't matter.  If it is being done in a pain management practice
> then talk to you doctor and do what you can agree on. In terms of
> ibogaine I doubt there would be a difference but., people are
> different and who knows how different you are.
> As for gaining weight, that is another world entirely.  What do you
> think is the relationship between your weight and methadone?
> Howard
> On Feb 19, 2008, at 6:01 PM, Jonathan Brownstone wrote:
>> I'm currently taking 7.5mgs of methadone (2.5mgs 3 times a day).
>> Over the next 60 days my plan is to step down to 2.5mgs every other
>> day, and then equivalent amount of morphine for 30 days, and then
>> ibogaine treatment.  I find that methadone really wacks out my
>> "presence of mind"...I'm guessing this is why they call it
>> methadrone...will morphine be any better, and how difficult is the
>> transition? Does the schedule I've outlined sound alright?
>> I'd like to keep going to work and also to gain 15lbs (5lbs per
>> month) during this time.  Realistic? Would making the transition to
>> morphine earlier help this happen or make it harder? Can I expect
>> more presence of mind on the lower end of my methadone dosing ladder
>> or is 2.5mgs/day much the same as 7.5mgs/day? One good thing...when I
>> was taking 25mgs per day I didn't know what was missing, I just knew
>> it was something..... another good thing....Even without presence of
>> mind there are many things that can be accomplished....
>> *blink*....*blink*
>> J
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