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Hi Eric,


It's interesting what you write. With Alex and Peter Cohen in the HR camp
there does seem to be this developing dynamic between the idea of treating
addiction and the idea of simply accepting it. I think the Harm Reduction
camp have great ideas but it's a pity to me that they seem not so down with
ibogaine. I wonder if there's any way for the 2 sides to meet more.







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Thanks for your comments Nick, my intent is not to disrespect Dana or work
his fanboi's into a uproar. My points were exactly what I said.

Alex Wodak doesn't seem to be a big fan of ibogaine, but somehow I think the
last thing in the world that's going to turn him into a convert is
"discussing" science with you Mr. Beal.

What you may want to keep in mind is the presentation is at a harm reduction
conference, it's not a ibogaine conference. Much like Dr. Peter Cohen, Alex
Wodak is a hero to many in the harm reduction community. He is an MD who put
his credentials and career on the line to personally start both the first
needle exchange and now heroin maintenance programs in Australia, at a time
when he was breaking the law to do so. He personally had the laws changed
through acts of civil disobedience. Sounds like activism doesn't it?

As much as I think ibogaine needs greater exposure as a treatment option,
there are many, if not most, heroin users who would vastly prefer being left
alone and not harassed by their respective governments and allowed to use
heroin in peace. Much like the potheads feel the same about their drug of

Regardless what your personal feelings are on the matter, most drug users
would vastly prefer being left alone and not harassed. If they want to detox
at some stage in their life, ibogaine should most certainly be an option,
but it is far from the only solution.

Like many in the cannabis community, you have an amazingly narrow view
regarding what drugs are acceptable and which are not. You'd think someone
who has spent his entire life high on drugs would be more open minded.

INPUD is the International Network of People who Use Drugs. It's not the
international network of people who are trying to stop using drugs or switch
to drugs that potheads personally feel are more acceptable.


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