[Ibogaine] FW: Small, well-designed trial of ibogaine for opiate detox

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More dialogue from Alex






From: Alex Wodak [mailto:awodak at stvincents.com.au] 
Sent: 18 February 2008 21:52
To: Nick Sandberg
Subject: RE: Small, well-designed trial of ibogaine for opiate detox


Dear Nick,


As I keep pointing out to you, I am neither a sceptic nor a believer in


Since the thalidomide disaster, the default position in medicine is that all
new treatments don't work and are dangerous until proven otherwise


I didn't invent that approach


But I certainly subscribe to it


So too does every pharmaceutical regulatory body in the western world


If you want to call that being sceptical, go ahead


Is it your view that countries don't need regulation of the pharmaceutical


That what ever any one wants to sell, well, go for it?


best wishes,






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From: Nick Sandberg [mailto:nick227 at tiscali.co.uk] 
Sent: 19 February 2008 11:10
To: 'Alex Wodak'
Subject: RE: Small, well-designed trial of ibogaine for opiate detox


Dear Alex,

The current position is that no one knows whether ibogaine is actually
clinically safe or not because no pharmaceutical house is investing in
developing it and finding out. It seems to me that you are applying a degree
of separation between pharmaceutical regulation and pharmaceutical
corporations that is incommensurate with reality. New medications are almost
solely developed by the pharm business and they don't like ibogaine for
reasons I've previously mentioned. Thus it is not a question of efficacy and
safety because there is no money available to assess those things without
pharm house backing. Ibogaine is caught in Catch 22. Meanwhile, casual data
accrue and accrue, and treatments continue privately. This is why people
like me push to raise public awareness of ibogaine. People, as a rule, are
horrified by the reality of the situation.



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