[Ibogaine] any adivice on issue of no REM since dosings

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Hi Jason,


Something I understand from having worked a lot with using sleep-deprivation
in therapy is that when the body denies you REM it is often trying to bring
to the surface a deep inner crisis. I have experienced myself in the past
and see that it's of use. REM seems to me to provide temporary relief from
underlying psychological stress but if the body or mind decide
subconsciously that more material has to come up then depriving itself of
REM is one way it tries to do this.





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I know what I write might label me as "anti-ibogaine" but let me say to
those people that the "file cabnet" issues are part of the real scientific
methode and like Mash says "the plural of antidotal does not equal data".

I am all for Ibogaine being studied.  But I have had very serious issues
with lack of REM since my numerous dosing with Ibogaine.  I have had 3 four
hour sleep study EEG's and 1 three day EEG and no REM was shown during any
of these studies.  Also a continuous strobe effect has been bothersome since
dosing, and I now am told I have seizures, which I never had before dosing
with ibogaine.  

I can say some people in the so called Ibo community have been some of the
most kind hearted people I have come across, or at least seem that way for
self interest or for whatever reason.  

My question to the group is this, has anyone done any studies on these
issues and are their any suggestions for  how to get REM during Sleep again?

I am seriouslly considering getting back on methadone just to function,
unless anyone has a better idea, even though it puts me at risk of putting
myself in the same situation (no methadone prescription if arrested) as what
made me try ibogaine in the first place.

Does anyone have any advice or point me to studies that address these
issues?  Howard? Patrick? Marko? Mr. Glick?  Any suggestions would be
appreciated from anyone.

Thank you for your help.























































































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