[Ibogaine] Ibogaine for very high maintenance methadone

Sara Glatt sara119 at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 18 04:49:38 EST 2008


coming off of 520mg is not easy even with ibogaine.

only after 3 or 4 treatments you will be off.

you will need to take one treatment then stabilize yourself on a lower
dose of Methadone for few months then in the same way do it another few
times, before the last treatment use a short working opiate for few weeks.

in between the session you could do detoxification of the liver which will
make it easier to lower your dose of methadone,
you also can do coffee enema's which can help the process.

 I was given a copy of the ibogaine film Rite of passage. Thank you to
> everyone who took part in making it, its a beautiful film with amazing
> people. From the bottom of my heart thank you Howard and Patrick.
> I'm here from the credits on the film it has this forum listed.
> I would dearly like to turn this into something more then a good film that
> filled me with hope and have the same chance. Now's the hard question.
> I am on 520mg of methadone daily. I've been on maintenance for almost 5
> years now. Is there any hope that ibogaine will help me?
> Thank you stacy
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