[Ibogaine] The problem is...

Vector Vector vector620022002 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 16 21:11:35 EST 2008

--- eric priest <ericprst at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Vector!
> Please. Your experience is anything but humble. Everything you write
> is an attempt to show how clever you are. Why even the handle
> .:vector:. is so very cute and clever. Hhmm.... makes me think I
> should get a clever handle.

I thought you already did that, or did you legally change your name
from Steve Anker to Eric Priest?

> You have positioned yourself as the grand historian of the list and
> frequently remind us of how "this was gone over extensively way back
> in '02" and blather on about your 'peeps.' 

I've been on this list almost since it started, I haven't burnt out as
much of my brain as many who have had more time to do more damage, I
have my own archives of messages I liked and kept, so?

Problem is you are often
> wrong in addition to being annoying. 

And this makes me different from you and most of the list in what way?

>   I will say it's been fun watching you grow up. 

Thanks! The same for you, though you have a lot of setbacks, keep on
keeping on, you'll make it!

Are you still in
> your teens? 

Not for a little while.  I'm in my early 20's now.

Discovered the art of self-pleasure yet? 

Yes, it's great! Any helpful tips from a master?

Your first time
> to vote in a presidential election, no?

Yes, not sure if I'm going for Obama or Ron Paul yet though. yourself?

> Ibogaine has been covered in the NY Times, Village Voice, Miami
> Herald, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Enquirer, LA Times, LA Weekly, The
> Guardian, The Georgia Straight, Newsweek, AP, US News & World
> Reports, Omni, JAMA, Fox News, KRON, KCBS, and of course CSI (20
> million people right there) as well as in books. Hardly a suppressed
> secret consigned to harm reduction meetings or this list. I've heard
> that the internet has a large audience. 

Right... and name 5 normal people who remember any of that, or name one
person who could figure out the "plot" of Jerry Stahl's CSI episode. I
liked Permenant Midnight I thought it was a good book, he doesn't seem
to have changed at all though, still writing high paying complete
garbage. You said the same thing, then Dana was helpful enough to copy
your message all over the Kerry forums and you ran away and thought
Stahl would sue you for libel ;)

Steve really be honest. Can you honestly name anybody who watched the X
Files or CSI and came away with any understanding of what ibogaine is,
or remembered it a week later?

> So when are you going to take the plunge and take ibogaine? Or is
> being the know-it-all but never done it expert more your bag? The
> eunuch in the harem seems fitting metaphor. 

No I still haven't done ibogaine. I don't actually need it for
anything, not having spent decades turning myself into a drug addicted
mess. I will try it when it comes into my life but I can't say I'm
really looking to join the sacred wigger bwiti tribe, hello tribal
people, I seek enlightenment with a camera crew and have trinkets to
sell! That would be you.

> Now do a bong load and think of something witty to write.

Ok. I do hope that one day I can be half as wise and full of
bitterness, anger and clever ironic hate as you are Steve. I'm doing my
best, most of the time I'm just stoned and clever as you pointed out ;)
Give me some time, your very inspirational but I'm not nearly as old as


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