[Ibogaine] The problem is...

Douglas Fraser doug_fraser at microcinema.com
Sat Feb 16 08:48:34 EST 2008

eric priest wrote:
> Vector!
> Please. Your experience is anything but humble. Everything you write is an attempt to show how clever you are. Why even the handle .:vector:. is so very cute and clever. Hhmm.... makes me think I should get a clever handle.
> You have positioned yourself as the grand historian of the list and frequently remind us of how "this was gone over extensively way back in '02" and blather on about your 'peeps.' Problem is you are often wrong in addition to being annoying. 
>   I will say it's been fun watching you grow up. Are you still in your teens? Discovered the art of self-pleasure yet? Your first time to vote in a presidential election, no?
> Ibogaine has been covered in the NY Times, Village Voice, Miami Herald, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Enquirer, LA Times, LA Weekly, The Guardian, The Georgia Straight, Newsweek, AP, US News & World Reports, Omni, JAMA, Fox News, KRON, KCBS, and of course CSI (20 million people right there) as well as in books. Hardly a suppressed secret consigned to harm reduction meetings or this list. I've heard that the internet has a large audience. Dana would be right in his assessment of millions knowing about ibogaine. Perhaps broadening your social horizons to include people who read newspapers or watch tv may enrich your humble experience. 

the "fact" of ibogaine may be out there (in that we're not members of a 
mystery school) but I would say ibogaine hasn't breached the public's 
consciousness in the same way that LSD or MDMA/Ecstasy has, i.e. some 
critical mass, 100th monkey sort of thing.  I'm not saying anything about 
the rest of your post / the point, just clarifying something.  When I think 
about this sort of topic, I ask myself "What would my family know <and by 
extension, people they know in the same general social class / 
environment>"  My family probably has some vague idea that heroin addicts 
exist, but they don't much care or think about the problem.  Being a 
cynical bastard, I would say most Americans don't really think about the 
problem of heroin (and thus everything associated with it)  It's just not 
on their radar and it's not really a sensationalistic thing like it was in 
the 70s - MDMA and marijuana are the "crisises of today".  This is all 
based on a meta-reading of the news and what journalists care about... and 
lots of americans are led by the nose by "news"

ayahuasca is a little farther down the road I think.  Salvia had a brief 
flare up some time ago, but no one could turn it into a scare campaign 
(despite their best efforts)


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