[Ibogaine] The problem is...

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Here I go stepping on my ......... again


Are we having fun beating each other up?  I will say again if this much
energy was put into a more positive effort instead of beating each other
up our cause would be moved forward. I realize it is a bunch more fun to
act like school children but come on. 


On a different note as I had said b4, I tell everyone that will listen
about my experience with Ibogaine (let me check that spelling!!) I am
getting ready to have operation number 8 on my back (complete
reconstruction of my spine from L3 to S1 and part of the process is a
psych evaluation (not my first !!) Anyway as I started to tell her about
Ibogaine she stopped me and said that yes she had heard of it and wanted
me to get her some info.  My point here is that many more people have
heard of this than one might think considering the extremely limited
number of people that have taken it. My drug supplier (got your
attention!!) who is my Pain doctor and I have talked extensively about
Ibogaine and I know he has brought it up and a number of conferences he
attends. I will go back to my original rant and that is if everyone here
would start yelling from the street corners about the merits of this
drug we would make a difference.


I am not good at this but if someone here would write up a one page
summary of the risks and benefits of Ibogaine and posted it here, I
would bet it could be in Millions of hands in a very short time. It
really only has to the one person that has more money than he/she knows
what to do with. I believe money is almost as important as exposure. Dr
Glick said a year ago if he had , pick a number I don't remember
exactly, but well less than a million dollars he could get his MC-18 to
the trial stage. I know it is easy for me to sit behind this screen ad
say "well if you do this ...." But  I know there are people on this list
that would not be ashamed to stand at their city's or towns busy mall
and pass out a one page fact sheet. Can you imagine what would happen if
people started to demand from their doctors "this Ibogaine that will
give my (insert the word son, daughter, parent, wife, husband, lover,
friend, partner, neighbor.....here) a window to get off (insert H,
opiate of choice, meth....). 


I don't know but I clearly don't think it could hurt. The city I live in
fought and fought against having a methadone clinic. Well we have two
now and the waiting list gets longer everyday. Those people ,I think
have the best chance to stay clean after a dose of Ibogaine. They have
made their mind up that they don't want to live that life anymore.
Someone recently said we should leave the H user alone ,if he wants to
use so be it. That's all fine and dandy but if he/she breaks into my
house to steal from me to support his habit ,I am sorry but I will not
be pleased. I don't know many , strike that , I don't know any junkies
that given a chance to take Ibogaine and be clean would rather continue
living the life of a addict. 


One last thing and I promise I will go back to lurker mode. It keeps
coming up that we need to make sure that no possible harm could come
from someone taking this drug. I'm sorry but for heavens sake, you do
your best to make sure but how many addicts DIE on the streets every
day. I am sure they are happy that the drug although available can't be
given out because it might harm you. Just writing that would make me
chuckle if it wasn't so serious a problem. 



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A couple of million people may have heard about ibogaine but as the
recent mis-spelling would indicate very few people have an accurate
understanding of iboga or its extracts. I dont know if it is selective
attention to the facts; but how is it that some one would go as far as
to procure iboga and still not know how to administer it; let alone what
dosage to use. Thats what I find scary; not that people have not heard
about iboga but that there seems to be the broken telephone wire game
going on regarding the facts and alot of ad-libbing. 


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Please. Your experience is anything but humble. Everything you write is
an attempt to show how clever you are. Why even the handle .:vector:. is
so very cute and clever. Hhmm.... makes me think I should get a clever

You have positioned yourself as the grand historian of the list and
frequently remind us of how "this was gone over extensively way back in
'02" and blather on about your 'peeps.' Problem is you are often wrong
in addition to being annoying. 
I will say it's been fun watching you grow up. Are you still in your
teens? Discovered the art of self-pleasure yet? Your first time to vote
in a presidential election, no?

Ibogaine has been covered in the NY Times, Village Voice, Miami Herald,
Boston Globe, Philadelphia Enquirer, LA Times, LA Weekly, The Guardian,
The Georgia Straight, Newsweek, AP, US News & World Reports, Omni, JAMA,
Fox News, KRON, KCBS, and of course CSI (20 million people right there)
as well as in books. Hardly a suppressed secret consigned to harm
reduction meetings or this list. I've heard that the internet has a
large audience. Dana would be right in his assessment of millions
knowing about ibogaine. Perhaps broadening your social horizons to
include people who read newspapers or watch tv may enrich your humble

So when are you going to take the plunge and take ibogaine? Or is being
the know-it-all but never done it expert more your bag? The eunuch in
the harem seems fitting metaphor. 

Now do a bong load and think of something witty to write.

Vector Vector <vector620022002 at yahoo.com> wrote: 

Dana it's not that I don't want to believe you, I really do but could
you please enlighten us where your figure of a couple of million people
came from besides your imagination?

In my own humble experience I haven't yet anybody who knows what
ibogaine is that didn't find out about it from either this list, online
somewhere or at some harm reduction conference where ibogaine has made
much progress in the last 5 years but at best you're still only talking
about a very small number of people. 

Marko's figure may be conservative but it's realistic, wishful thinking
could make it double that but no more.

President Kroupa sounds good to me, I'll just go ahead and pencil his
name in on this year's ballot Marko ;)


--- Dana Beal wrote:

> A lot more than 10,000. A couple of million at least. And more after 
> this weekend's forum. Maybe said forum will bring ibogaine to the 
> attention of Obama.
> Dana/cnw
> On Feb 14, 2008, at 1:12 PM, marko wrote:
> > here:
> >
> > As I understand, there are about 250 M people living in the US of
> A,
> > and less than 10.000 have ever heard of Ibogaine. The majority is
> on
> > this list.
> >
> > So, the only logical thing is to spread the word! Howard, Patrick, 
> > Dana,
> > Ken, and others, are doing their best to present hard facts to the
> > scientific community (whatever this is) - and elsewhere. But, this
> is
> > not enough.
> >
> > I suggest this:
> >
> > EACH of you citizens of the "Free World" can do a LOT simply by
> > constantly writing to different US-based addiction-related forums.
> > Telling them YOUR stories. Telling them the truth!
> >
> > That's all. Simple and effective.
> >
> > If you do this, if you keep doing this, MindVox will soon need new 
> > mail
> > servers, and not only a handful of people but masses will demand an
> > effective treatment for addiction (= Ibogaine)! And, this will be
> > something which people in charge won't overhear...
> >
> > Please, don't be destructive with second thoughts about this --> be
> > constructive and DO IT! (Thank you for these words, Jerry R.!) Do 
> > it for
> > whatever reason, just D0 iT !!!
> >
> > Who knows, maybe Ibogaine will be the crucial factor in next (not 
> > these)
> > US elections?
> >
> >
> > Marko
> >
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