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Please. Your experience is anything but humble. Everything you write is an attempt to show how clever you are. Why even the handle .:vector:. is so very cute and clever. Hhmm.... makes me think I should get a clever handle.

You have positioned yourself as the grand historian of the list and frequently remind us of how "this was gone over extensively way back in '02" and blather on about your 'peeps.' Problem is you are often wrong in addition to being annoying. 
  I will say it's been fun watching you grow up. Are you still in your teens? Discovered the art of self-pleasure yet? Your first time to vote in a presidential election, no?

Ibogaine has been covered in the NY Times, Village Voice, Miami Herald, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Enquirer, LA Times, LA Weekly, The Guardian, The Georgia Straight, Newsweek, AP, US News & World Reports, Omni, JAMA, Fox News, KRON, KCBS, and of course CSI (20 million people right there) as well as in books. Hardly a suppressed secret consigned to harm reduction meetings or this list. I've heard that the internet has a large audience. Dana would be right in his assessment of millions knowing about ibogaine. Perhaps broadening your social horizons to include people who read newspapers or watch tv may enrich your humble experience. 

So when are you going to take the plunge and take ibogaine? Or is being the know-it-all but never done it expert more your bag? The eunuch in the harem seems fitting metaphor. 

Now do a bong load and think of something witty to write.

Vector Vector <vector620022002 at yahoo.com> wrote: 
Dana it's not that I don't want to believe you, I really do but could
you please enlighten us where your figure of a couple of million people
came from besides your imagination?

In my own humble experience I haven't yet anybody who knows what
ibogaine is that didn't find out about it from either this list, online
somewhere or at some harm reduction conference where ibogaine has made
much progress in the last 5 years but at best you're still only talking
about a very small number of people. 

Marko's figure may be conservative but it's realistic, wishful thinking
could make it double that but no more.

President Kroupa sounds good to me, I'll just go ahead and pencil his
name in on this year's ballot Marko ;)


--- Dana Beal  wrote:

> A lot more than 10,000. A couple of million at least. And more after 
> this weekend's forum. Maybe said forum will bring ibogaine to the  
> attention of Obama.
> Dana/cnw
> On Feb 14, 2008, at 1:12 PM, marko wrote:
> > here:
> >
> > As I understand, there are about 250 M people living in the US of
> A,
> > and  less than 10.000 have ever heard of Ibogaine. The majority is
> on
> > this list.
> >
> > So, the only logical thing is to spread the word! Howard, Patrick, 
> > Dana,
> > Ken, and others, are doing their best to present hard facts to the
> > scientific community (whatever this is) - and elsewhere. But, this
> is
> > not enough.
> >
> > I suggest this:
> >
> > EACH of you citizens of  the "Free World" can do a LOT simply by
> > constantly writing to different US-based addiction-related forums.
> > Telling them YOUR stories. Telling them the truth!
> >
> > That's all. Simple and effective.
> >
> > If you do this, if you keep doing this, MindVox will soon need new 
> > mail
> > servers, and not only a handful of people but masses will demand an
> > effective treatment for addiction (= Ibogaine)! And, this will be
> > something which people in charge won't overhear...
> >
> > Please, don't be destructive with second thoughts about this --> be
> > constructive and DO IT! (Thank you for these words, Jerry R.!) Do  
> > it for
> > whatever reason, just D0 iT !!!
> >
> > Who knows, maybe Ibogaine will be the crucial factor in next (not  
> > these)
> > US elections?
> >
> >
> > Marko
> >
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