[Ibogaine] The problem is...

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Its interesting to here some stats. From my personal experience over the last year or so the majority of people asking about ibogaine had all gone down the usual routs of drug treatment a number of times. These are of course separate to people on their own psycho-spiritual quests who had experience with other entheogens. 
More recently I have had calls from doctors and social workers showing interest; one of them from a prison who realised that the conventional methods were just not working. 
The unfortunate thing as a provider as such is that long term study is difficult; for me anyway. Either people just get on with life or have their own reasons for not documenting their stories so please; if there is anyone who has had an ibogaine experience tell your story or write it down and pass it on as Marko says: Just pass it on. It is the best thing to do. I remember there was some mention of a database in the planning for this purpose but for now just do what you can; even word of mouth reaches the right ears. 

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As I understand, there are about 250 M people living in the US of A, 
and  less than 10.000 have ever heard of Ibogaine. The majority is on 
this list.

So, the only logical thing is to spread the word! Howard, Patrick, Dana, 
Ken, and others, are doing their best to present hard facts to the 
scientific community (whatever this is) - and elsewhere. But, this is 
not enough.

I suggest this:

EACH of you citizens of  the "Free World" can do a LOT simply by 
constantly writing to different US-based addiction-related forums. 
Telling them YOUR stories. Telling them the truth!

That's all. Simple and effective.

If you do this, if you keep doing this, MindVox will soon need new mail 
servers, and not only a handful of people but masses will demand an 
effective treatment for addiction (= Ibogaine)! And, this will be 
something which people in charge won't overhear...

Please, don't be destructive with second thoughts about this --> be 
constructive and DO IT! (Thank you for these words, Jerry R.!) Do it for 
whatever reason, just D0 iT !!!

Who knows, maybe Ibogaine will be the crucial factor in next (not these) 
US elections?



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