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Your stepfather could have 20 PhD's next to his name all in pretty
colored lights and apparently Alex is not going to get it. I would feel
sorry for someone like that if it wasn't costing so many people so much
suffering. I have a theory that somewhere (and I admit this is a hunch)
somewhere in the back of his grey matter it is to easy to  let a junkie
like me to be able to have a widow of time opened up to be able to deal
with the addiction problems I have without having to suffer for all that
pleasure the drug brings. Remind again what exactly is the
pleasure...... But seriously there are a cadre of people that feel you
have to suffer. I will never forget about the story that the US Patent
office was going to be closed (late 1800's) because everything had
surely been discovered. This is the same mentality. 

I can't help myself , I am going to step on my crank here but another
thought just popped into my tiny head... When someone gets up and says
"well the science is settled and there is no need for future debate" . I
hear that all the time now - a - days. GW would be the example that will
get several large novels thrown hard at me I would presume but .....!
:-)  I would hope we never stop digging for the truth no matter how sure
one might be that there can be only one answer and it is you and I ...

Ok I will return back to lurker mode




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          Great job Nick!!! I think you presented yourself in a manner
to which you deserve some respect no matter what degree's you do or
don't have. Having a PHD after your name doesn't make anybody a genius,
we all know that. Or to be addressed as Dr. so and so and such and suck.
BUT, people hung up on titles are usually

the people that name who goes where at these conferences. Sad but true.
It's a shame that Stanley Glick won't come around when we need him to to
make it known what he's working on with Ibogaine and it's derivatives.
My step father has a PHD and two masters degree's and he watched me get
treated. Successfully I might add, depending on what Alex wants to call
successful, I'm sure his criteria is pretty stringent along that line.
Think he would listen to him?? He was also a dean at the University of
Kentucky. My mother has her nurse practitioners lisence so she could put
a pretty good picture on the practical administration of it during an
underground treatment too.


         I don't think any of that would matter to 'ole Alex. Looks like
to me he has some kind of ax to grind somewhere for some reason. It's a
shame he can't put his personal feelings aside and be objective about
something that means so much to so many people. Ibogaine can help a lot
of people. Let's get it right this time and quit fucking around and just
get down to helping people. Shheeezz!!!


         Peace Love and Solidarity



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