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Dobre Dan,

My father comes from Maribor, Slovenia, as does Marko Resinovic. Marko 
is the Founder of the Church, The Sacrament of the Transition. 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sacrament_of_Transition which was created 
to help ppl that are so afflicted.

The Sacrament of the Transition is an EU Legally Recognized Church, so 
you do not have to worry.

Also Marko has a great reputation of helping ppl that are in your situation.

You can contact Marko through the website http://sacrament.kibla.si/ or 
reach him directly by giving him a call at:

+386 41 52 22 07 (Mon- Fri 0900 to 1300)

Tell him you found him through Dana Beale and this mailing list.

Loch Genorch, and Good Luck to you, Andraz.


Dana Beal wrote:
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>> *From: *"andraz puntar" <andrazpoko at gmail.com 
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>> *Date: *February 13, 2008 6:19:27 PM EST
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>> *Subject: **from slovenia*
>> hy
>> Im 29 years old men who are adicted to methadon.I wana start fresh 
>> with my new(the same but cleaned) life.i wana take ibogaine to close 
>> my old and to startmy new time of living. I wana know how to i get to 
>> iboga in slovenia, because i dont have so much money i wana know if 
>> ibogain is expensiv.
>> sorry for my english i rather talk english.
>> thank you .
>> andraz from slovenia
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