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I have been in the same situation with my son a few years ago and was even
trained as a first-aider at St. John Ambulance in order

to gain confidence to go through it. I studied the procedures involved and
after taking into consideration my son's overall health condition and risks,
we decided

NOT to do it without proper medical supervision. My son has moved from
methadone to buprenorphine and, apart from a few and short lived relapses

he has been off heroin since.  Maybe you should consider an alternative. I'd
not recommend you going through it on your own.






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 I am about to be a 'Guide' for my son while he takes ibogaine. he is sick
of being dependent on Methadone and wants a fresh start. We have 150g of
root bark which looks disgusting. How can he take it? Can I mix it into a
cold drink? I have read so much about it my head is spinning. Nowhere does
it say how to ingest it. I am worried, I have helped himto detox before and
it was not a pleasant experience, I do sowant to help him. So please help.


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