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There are some ibogaine providers in the states; so I would not say that your only objective is to get ibogaine but also some one who can administer it properly. Unless you find the right person I would rather wait and save the cash to go to an institute of good repute rather than to waste it trying to save a few bucks with some thing that might not just be a flop but could put your life at risk. 

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Is there a functional underground Iboga network here in the USA? I want off methadone and do not have $4000-$15000 to spend. I just need to locate a source for Ibogaine. I know it is illegal here in the states but there has to be someone out there who knows someone who could help. I can establish my identity and prove I am a legit methadone user. I spend $85 a week on this stuff which adds up to $4420 a year now. If I had any credit I would just get a loan and go to Iboga House or the Netherlands but I do not and I'd prefer not to wait for another couple of years to save that much cash.

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