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Ditto that and I am sure many will back this up. Firstly you have no idea what you have or how strong it is; you do not have a protocol for treating methadone and only people who have had experience with root bark should deal with it. As Steve said you care for your son so get him to a clinic or get hold of some one with experience. If you are going to go ahead and do this I would make sure there is some one with life saving experience and that he adheres to the inclusion and exclusion criteria for ibogaine treatment. Also note that most of the information available is for ibogaine or the extract not treating opiate addiction with iboga. I repeat you need to have experience with this and you need to use intuition. If you contact me off list I can see about putting you in touch with some one or a treatment centre in your area or closest to you. otherwise check Nick Sandburg's site for a list of treatment providers: http://www.ibogaine.co.uk/options.htm 

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My first suggestion is PLEASE DON’T. Seriously this is not a drug to be used by someone that is not completely versed in what will happen. I am sure you will hear from others but PLEASE  that is not going to help your son. It sounds like you care deeply for him . Get him to a clinic (he has spent and will spend more than the cost of a clinic doing street drugs)  and have it done right. 
God Bless and good luck

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 I am about to be a 'Guide' for my son while he takes ibogaine. he is sick of being dependent on Methadone and wants a fresh start. We have 150g of root bark which looks disgusting. How can he take it? Can I mix it into a cold drink? I have read so much about it my head is spinning. Nowhere does it say how to ingest it. I am worried, I have helped himto detox before and it was not a pleasant experience, I do sowant to help him. So please help. asap. 

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