[Ibogaine] Negative comments against Dana suck

Don Collier dcollier9 at cox.net
Wed Feb 13 09:18:38 EST 2008

Maybe Dana just doesnt suffer fools gladly. I dont think its constructive to 
tear down Dana for no good reason. He did not get violent,
he just cares, and I dont mind yelling or combative debates, and I doubt he 
threatened to REALLY punch anyone (seriously, give him a break,
this is an emotional issue if you have gone through withdrawal, or know 
someone you love who has).

I for one (if it wasn't so far away to drive out here in AZ) would still 
like to hear Dana present
since he has a lot of information, he is considered a reliable source, 
unlike the opponents.

Why bring up something that happened 4 years ago anyway, what is your motive 
? to discredit ?

Thanks Dana for all you do for all of us.

"Love converts hearts, and gives peace."

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This schedule is subject to last-minute changes.

The location will be 1020 U St. There is community housing, but we
can also arrange hotel accomodations. But we need to know right away,
before everything is booked. I can be contacted at 212-677-4899 or
dana at phantom.com .

Dates are February 16 to 18 (President's Day).

Runs from 11 am to 6 PM.

Dana Beal
Cures not Wars

DAY 1--Saturday

Keynote w. Aton Edwards

Medical Panels

Dr. Ken Alper     Survey of worldwide use
Dana Beal      Mechanisms of Action
Michael Carden Beyond Science:  The Voice of the User

Clare Wilkins           Ibogaine Asssociation Safety Procedures
Dr. Anwar Jeewa     Ibogaine in a Conventional Treatment Setting

Howard Lotsof       Ibogaine in treatment of hepatitis C
Jason Farell           hepatitis C and the harm reduction agenda

Ibogaine and Black Community's Quest for Alternative Treatments

Dhoruba bin Wahad        Former Black Panther
Rommel Washington       Social Worker, Accupuncturist
Alan Frimpong                 Grass Roots Malcolm X Movement

DAY 2--Sunday

Introduction with Michael Cardin: The Relationship Between Science
and The User's Experience In the Ibogaine Advocacy

Traditional Use in Africa

Dr. Anthony Andoh Northscale Institute
Dimitri Mougainis   (newly initiated in the Bwiti religion)
Charles Rossouw (on S. African use as traditional medicine)

Comparative Use w. Other Plant Sacraments

Patrick Kroupa  Ibogaine Plus Other Sacraments
Makhi Erdely     on Peyote and  Ayahuasca in treatment of addiction
Philip Fiuty (former head of New Mexico Bureau of Infectious Diseases)
Marc Cocoran    on Kratom, burprenorphin and low dose ibogaine

DAY 3--Monday

Legislative and Regulatory Considerations

Doug Greene         original scheduling of ibogaine
Bill Piper                  legislative affairs, Drug Policy Alliance
Howard Lotsof        History of Ibogaine Development

The scene w. Venezuela and S. America

Dhoruba bin Wahad    Former Black Panther
Dra. Zulema Cendon   Venezuelan Psychiatrists
Dra. Rosalía Dávalos                    in the Drug Treament Field

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