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My first suggestion is PLEASE DON'T. Seriously this is not a drug to be
used by someone that is not completely versed in what will happen. I am
sure you will hear from others but PLEASE  that is not going to help
your son. It sounds like you care deeply for him . Get him to a clinic
(he has spent and will spend more than the cost of a clinic doing street
drugs)  and have it done right. 

God Bless and good luck



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 I am about to be a 'Guide' for my son while he takes ibogaine. he is
sick of being dependent on Methadone and wants a fresh start. We have
150g of root bark which looks disgusting. How can he take it? Can I mix
it into a cold drink? I have read so much about it my head is spinning.
Nowhere does it say how to ingest it. I am worried, I have helped himto
detox before and it was not a pleasant experience, I do sowant to help
him. So please help. asap. 


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