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> http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/4392782a6008.html
> $2000 withheld in charity probe
> Lucy Johnston - Marlborough | Friday, 08 February 2008
> The Marlborough Art Society is refusing to release about $2000 raised
> at a charity auction due to concerns about the authenticity of the
> organisation that was to benefit from the fundraiser.
> Its action has led the co-ordinator of the organisation denied the
> money to lodge a complaint with police.
> The art society helped organise and provided a venue for a charity
> auction on January 29 for The New Zealand Chronic Pain Collective,
> which is wanting to help fund overseas medical treatment for a
> Marlborough Sounds woman, Charlotte Staples, who suffers multiple
> chronic illnesses.
> The auction, It's All in Your Head, was held at the art society
> premises on High St, Blenheim.
> The co-ordinator of the collective is the husband of Mrs Staples.
> Art society president David Godden said the money raised would not be
> released to the collective due to concerns about its authenticity.
> "All of our attempts to establish the existence of the New Zealand
> Chronic Pain Collective have failed.
> "I'm unwilling to pay money to an entity if it doesn't exist" he said.
> Mrs Staples' husband Sam has laid a complaint with Picton police
> against the society which he says is withholding the money unlawfully.
> The Marlborough Express was unable to verify the existence of the
> collective or the Brisbane clinic where Mrs Staples wants to go. Mr
> Staples said his wife needed a drug called Ibogaine, a pyschotropic
> drug which is not registered in New Zealand but is needed for her to
> become less dependent on the high levels of morphine she takes to cope
> with her multiple diseases.
> Many well-known artists donated work for the auction and more than 20
> local businesses donated gift certificates to be auctioned in mystery
> envelopes.
> The auction was attended by mayor Alistair Sowman, and a print Mr
> Staples had created of Mr Sowman was auctioned. Not all the donated art
> works were sold.
> The society has received complaints that the envelopes contained less
> than was promoted.
> Auctioneer Les Rodgers said he "only sold what I could sell. When
> nobody bids what do you do? I tried to the best of my ability to sell
> the work."
> Mr Rodgers said he was told there was at least $100 in each envelope
> and that is what he told the audience.
> The art society has also refused to release works donated by individual
> artists whose art was not sold on the night until they have clearance
> from the artists to do so.
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