[Ibogaine] Barcelona Ibogaine session set for International Harm Reduction Conference

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Cure is a relative term.   If someone's quality of life and future intentions for oneself are 500x healthier and more productive than before with those four ibogaine treatments it could be considered a cure.    Even if he used in that time it was never to the degree or maniac like behavior that existed before.  That is major progress.  Relapse can actually  be part of the healing process.   It is also when people beat up on themselves and others for doing what is not considered perfect and don't see the variables in life or understand what forgiveness is, that actions are mislabeled as a failure.  I see a great success.  There in lies everything is relative.  I consider Mark's progress a great success and it wouldn't have happened without the ibogaine.  
     I remember seeing a post months ago about someone who is NA involved that because they had done ibogaine again they could no longer claim their clean time and had to go back to day one.   I thought that was so very sad.  It mentally negates all the good and forward movement that has occurred to accomedate the black and white rules.  Addiction is an emotional ailment.  Many just dwell on the physical aspect.  That emotional energy even after the physical part has been addressed has to go somewhere and cross addiction often occurs. That's why aftercare and introspection are needed.  The ability to be introspective and continue healing emotionally and psychologically is one of ibogaines strong points.  If one knows how to use it as a tool additional sessions can be of great benefit.  
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  im sorry mark but if you had to use ibogaine 10 times in 4 years, i really dont think that would help to promote 
  ibogaine as a 'cure'

    Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 08:48:43 -0800

      As someone who has done 10 ibogaine sessions over the past 4 years with different degrees of "success" I feel like I might be just the type of case study he would refer to to bolster his claims so I just wanted to share my own experience briefly to explain why I believe that my ibogaine expereinces have been just about the furthest thing from ineffective. 

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