[Ibogaine] Barcelona Ibogaine session set for International Harm Reduction Conference

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Ibogaine is not a cure nobody ever said it was! It is an addiction interrupter there is no known cure for addiction as far as the WHO is concerned. If you look a little closer at what people have said that have gone through multiple treatments; they have said that each time there was some form or an amount of change which took place even if if they cleaned up their room; which I think Dimitri quoted; but the point is that it is more of a successful tool than what we have available unless you care to enlighten us as to what is?  

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im sorry mark but if you had to use ibogaine 10 times in 4 years, i really dont think that would help to promote 
ibogaine as a 'cure'

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As someone who has done 10 ibogaine sessions over the past 4 years with different degrees of "success" I feel like I might be just the type of case study he would refer to to bolster his claims so I just wanted to share my own experience briefly to explain why I believe that my ibogaine expereinces have been just about the furthest thing from ineffective. 

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