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I dont usually post and just recently got back on the list after about a year. 

As a friend of D., Howard, and Dana's and a proponent of ibogaine in my own right I decided to do a little research of Alex Wodak this morning and I'm still not quite sure what his his position on Ibogaine other than he feels its a reletively ineffective treatment for opiate dependancy. 
As someone who has done 10 ibogaine sessions over the past 4 years with different degrees of "success" I feel like I might be just the type of case study he would refer to to bolster his claims so I just wanted to share my own experience briefly to explain why I believe that my ibogaine expereinces have been just about the furthest thing from ineffective. 

I started using heroin a week before my 16th birthday. I probably had my first habit a week after my 16th birthday. Until the age of 27 I had been in 50+ medical detoxes. I had been in long term residential treatment centers. I had been more 30 day treatment centers than i can count. From the cushy stays at Hazelden to the Salvation Army. I had a desire to STOP using heroin at the beginning of every one of those "interventions". But the physical and mental craving for the drug were just way too strong, and eventually, usually much sooner than later, I would submit to the noise in my head and the pains in my body and use. Usually finding myself seeking help somewhere else within a few months. And on and on and on. 

At the time of my first Ibogaine session 4 years ago, I was on 100 mgs of Methadone and still using heroin on a regular basis. I went to the Ibogaine Association in Mexico after a few brief conversations with Howard and a couple of weeks on the list. Basically, after I made up my mind that all you people werent crazy and this stuff sounds so crazy it might just work. 
As most people know kicking 100 mgs of methadone is not a walk in the park no matter how much Ibogaine you might take. But that next day in Mexico after the ibogaine was administered I knew that there was something remarkably different about this modality of treatment. Once thesession was complete and everything was said and done and I had a chance to sleep for a few, I woke and it was as if the desire to use had been removed. Not only did it address my withdrawal symptoms by 80-90% but the monkey truly felt like it was off my back in almost 15 years.. I stayed clean for 4 months after my first treatment. It was the longest period I had ever had off opiates since I started using them. I admit I got a little bit of the "cured" syndrome once I started feeing better physically and without any form of aftercare when things went bad I did the only thing I had ever been programed to do, I used. 
I'll spare you all the details of the next nine or so sessions (some for active opiate addiction some as "booster" therapy) but one thing is for sure over the past 4 years I have spent more than 3/4 of that time OFF OPIATES. Some relapses were as brief as a couple of weeks and Ibogaine always returned me to a state of wellness and free from active addiction. 
Like many people on this list most of my friends growing up are dead or in jail due to this affliction. Out of the bunch with a few exceptions I was the one voted mostly likely to die with a needle in my arm and I believe in my heart of hearts without Ibogaine I would have been another casuality at this point. 
Anyway my point is if we were talking about any other "illness" mental or physical and using my experince as a case study. And after a 4 year period 3/4 of that time was spent in remission after 10 single administration doses of a substances that is neither norotoxic or hepaitoxic in normal doses wouldnt we be touting this as a cure. Lets say the other illness was hypertension or diabeties or even bipolar disorder. Would there be any doubt that this is an effective treatment? 
Its just strange to me that this would be even up for discussion.. Ibogaine without a doubt "interupts" opiate addiction. Nothing else has been proven to do that. Ibogaine diminishes craving for opiates. Ibogaine provides the patient the ability to gain insight into there addiction. 
Why or how could the case not be closed on this one? 

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The agenda for the Ibogaine session for International Harm Reduction Conference in Barcelona has just been set.

The session will take place Monday, May 12, 2008, at 6:00 PM (18:00) during one of the special Evening sessions or six o'clock shows.

Host: Alan Clear
“Users Choice: Ibogaine”
Howard Lotsof, 559 Ibogaine Treatment For Substance Dependence: Historical and Future Perspectives.
Wodak Alex, 1192 The lack of evidence for Ibogaine as a treatment for heroin dependence
Perez Alonso, 1351 The Safety and Screening of Ibogaine in a Mexico Clinical Setting
Dimitri Mugianis, 397 Underground Ibogaine Treatment and Drug User Activism

6 O’Clock Shows
To end the day on Monday 12th May and Tuesday 13th May, there will also be some early evening sessions called the ‘6 O’Clock Shows’. These sessions are great opportunities for open debate and discussion on contentious or lively topics. They normally consist of four 15-minute presentations followed by around 30 minutes for discussion and questions, and are available in English only.

Information on the evening session can be found at http://www.ihra.net/Barcelona/ProgrammeAbstracts

The program agenda is attached..  Easiest way to find the ibogaine session is to search for the term, "ibogaine."

This session will be an international follow-up for the 5th Annual Ibogaine Forum, Washington DC 2008.

On Feb 5, 2008, at 3:57 PM, Dana Beal (dana at phantom.com) wrote:           

This schedule is subject to last-minute changes. Please get all yr  
people to come.

5th annual ibogaine Forum, Washington DC 2008

The location: 1020 U St.

Dates: February 16 to 18 (President's Day).

11 am to 6 PM Daily.

dana at phantom..com
     1-212-677-7180 cures-not-wars.org

DAY 1--Saturday

Keynote w. Aton Edwards

Medical Panels

Dana Beal      Mechanisms of Action
Dr. Ken Alper     Survey of worldwide use

Clare Wilkins           Ibogaine Asssociation Safety Procedures
Dr. Anwar Jeewa     Ibogaine in a Conventional Treatment Setting

Howard Lotsof       Ibogaine in treatment of hepatitis C
MIchael Cardin      Ibogaine User Advocacy: Its relationship to the Medical/Academic Community

Ibogaine and Black Community's Quest for Alternative Treatments

Dhoruba bin Wahad
Rommel Washington
Alan Frimpong

DAY 2--Sunday

Traditional Use in Africa

Dr. Anthony Andoh Northscale Institute
Dimitri Mougainis   (newly initiated in the Bwiti religion)
Charles Rossouw (on S. African use as traditional medicine)

Comparative Use w. Other Plant Sacraments

Patrick Kroupa  Ibogaine Plus Other Sacraments
Makhi Erdely     on Peyote and  Ayahuasca in treatment of addiction
Philip Fiuty (former head of New Mexico Bureau of Infectious Diseases)
Marc Cocoran    on Kratom

DAY 3--Monday

Legislative and Regulatory Considerations

Doug Greene         original scheduling of ibogaine
Bill Piper                  legislative affairs, Drug Policy Alliance
Howard Lotsof        History of Ibogaine Development

The scene w. Venezuela

Dhoruba bin Wahad
Johan Obdala  Venezuelan Drugs Consultant
Other Venezuelan Presenters

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