[Ibogaine] Prince of Pot: The US vs. Marc Emery

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In Vermont you are allowed to grow a set number of plants for medical use. The room has to be able to be locked and secure. They made it a little less restrictive last year and now allow chronic pain as a condition that allows the Doctor to sign off on your application.



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This guy must have had quite an operation going. Did he have a licence to sell medical Marijuana? It makes more sense to me that if you need MM you should be able to grow your own amount for personal use.

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Here is an article about what happens when MM dealers  launder the money from the sales  of MM. 


The real problem is that illegality is the cause of the profitability. If Marijuana were completely legal like parsley there would be no  reason to extract large profits from the public. End prohibition so people who need medical marijuana can bet their medicine without being ripped off and subject to the draconian drug war laws.




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It isn't even about an agenda anymore it is purely about money. The people with the money influence the policy (or out right dictate it) and the policy is entirely about making more money for those who already have the most or helping them keep it. If other countries try and follow different policies, that might demonstrate the weaknesses of the current policies that prevail within the US, and the current policies are profitable so all other policies are potentially dangerous to those with money and should be opposed.


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The American government is determined to stamp out more then a harmless medicinal plant called marijuana, from its actions since 2001 it looks to be more interested in stamping out everything in the world that doesn't conform to whatever it deems to be correct. It truly has become big brother and this is a great loss for all humanity.

Blessed be
Vivienne Elanta

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Why is the American Government so determined to try to stamp out marijuana? I saw a program saying the initial demonizing of it was due to some new patent brought in for making paper out of wood.

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So what's happened with Marc, did he take the deal or is he still
going to trial?


On Jan 21, 2008 7:50 AM, Vector Vector <vector620022002 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> http://www.cbc.ca/thelens/program_231007.html
> Tuesday October 23, 2007 at 10pm ET/PT & Saturday October 27, 2007 at
> 11pm ET/PT on CBC Newsworld
> repeating Tuesday January 22, 2008 at 10pm ET/PT & Saturday January
> 26,2008 at 11pm ET/PT on CBC Newsworld
> Canadian Marc Emery, Canada's most prominent marijuana legalization
> activist, is at the top of the U.S, Drug Enforcement Agency's 'Most
> Wanted List' and now faces extradition to the U.S. and possible life
> imprisonment.  His crime - selling marijuana seeds over the Internet.
> An occupation he has never denied.  In fact for more than a decade he
> has dutifully filed his income tax returns in Canada stating his
> occupation as "marijuana seed seller".  He paid his taxes and was left
> alone by the Canadian authorities.  However Canada's RCMP suddenly and
> willingly co-operated when the DEA got him in their sights.
> Widely known as "The Prince of Pot," Emery is the joint smoking
> publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine, founder of the BC Marijuana
> Party and a lifelong rabble-rouser.  And now, according to the DEA, one
> of the most wanted men in the drug world, up there with the heads of
> Columbian cocaine cartels, and the top drug trafficker in North
> America.
> His story is the prism through which director, Nick Wilson, examines
> the touchy issue of sovereignty, the long reach of U.S. drug laws, and
> Canadian pot culture, while spending the summer embedded at the Emery
> defense headquarters.
> Emery believes marijuana is a wonderful, healing drug and that current
> laws are unconstitutional, inhumane, and detrimental to society, far
> outweighing the damage done to people by the drug itself.  No Canadian
> has ever gone to jail for selling seeds, and in 35 years only two
> people have been charged - the last got a $200 fine.  Yet Emery faces
> 30 years to life in prison under U.S. drug laws if he is extradited to
> face trail there. His extradition hearing is expected to start during
> the week of January 21, 2008.
> THE PRINCE OF POT follows Emery through the summer and fall as he plots
> his defense, attends court hearings and tries to clear the names of his
> two friends who now face the same fate as him.
> The Prince of Pot: The U.S. vs. Marc Emery is directed by Nick Wilson
> and produced by Anne Pick, Real to Reel Productions (Toronto).
> Prince of Pot
> Comments (374)
> Vancouver's Marc Emery is the self-proclaimed worldwide leader of
> marijuana culture. Will Canada hand him over to the U.S. on drug
> trafficking charges, even though Canadian authorities practically
> ignored his activities and taxed his profits from selling marijuana
> seeds?
> Comments
> I think that Canadians should stand apart from the US and protect our
> own citizens. Our country has different laws as do most other
> countries. If this wasn't the case then there would be no sepation of
> cultures.Are we Canadians or Americans?
> Laura Mclean
> Posted by: laura mclean | Jan 19, 08 10:41 PM
> I hope I am wrong, but I have no doubt that Emery will go to jail in
> the US and disappear.
> The moment he steps over the border, he is gone.
> The US cannot be trusted.
> If we jail him here, we HAVE no sovereignty, and that is that.
> Posted by: Russell Barth | Jan 20, 08 07:24 AM
> The Canadian government should DEFINITELY NOT hand Emery over to the
> US.
> Posted by: Gina Bisaillon | Jan 20, 08 09:23 AM
> Canada should absolutely not hand Mr. Emory over to the USA. Given the
> antipathy they seem to have toward him, might they not just send him to
> Syria or some such place to prevent the deal they are planning to let
> him serve time in Canada?
> Posted by: Jim Fehr | Jan 20, 08 09:24 AM
> I feel that Marc Emery is visionary. Your news piece showed he opened
> on Sundays and now all stores can open on Sundays. He showed banned
> music videos that would likely now be shown publicly and he is creating
> a safe space for people who chose to smoke pot. Thank you for showing
> this story. I support Marc Emory and his visionary social leadership.
> Canada should accept his case that he is being persecuted for his
> political views and not extradite him to the US.
> David Phipps
> Posted by: David Phipps | Jan 20, 08 09:26 AM
> Marc Emery, in his own way has brought this upon himself in the way
> that he knows pot is illegal. But, as for expecting the government to
> help him out, we know we can't rely on them. The government took his
> tax money so they should be doing a lot more to prevent him from being
> sent to the U.S. And all the pot heads should be doing more to protest
> his treatment by both the American gov't and Canadian gov't. But, of
> course, what can you expect from pot heads. Pot helps with a lot of
> ailments, but lack of ambition and energy giving, it ain't!
> Posted by: susan holmes | Jan 20, 08 09:27 AM
> Hi,
> What a complete waste of time, resourses, and people who are really
> supposed to be stopping crime. I have yet to see violent behaviour from
> people who smoke pot, in my 52 years. I do not smoke dope, but I
> certainly condone it, as it is not nearly as dangerous as Alchohol or
> other drugs.
> The Conservative Governmemnt perhaps should have a toke or two, and see
> what Canadians really want instaed of "forcing" their will and wasting
> police time and jail/prison time on prosecuting such minor behaviour
> issues.
> Mike Moeller
> Posted by: Mike Moeller | Jan 20, 08 09:30 AM
> The Justice Minister should intervene and not hand Mr. Emery over to
> the USA. He committed no crime, he sold seeds to consenting adults.
> Marijuana should be legalized. The war on pot hasn't worked since the
> 40's and it NEVER will.
> Posted by: Pierre | Jan 20, 08 09:30 AM
> While I do not agree with some of Marc's comments on your show, I do
> think that
> the Canadian government should do its part to keep Marc in Canada to
> face charges here if he has broken Canadian law. Why is he being turned
> over to the U.S. authorities so easily? What does this say to the
> average Canadian citizen about our government? and U.S government
> involvment here?
> Posted by: Cristina Green | Jan 20, 08 09:32 AM
> As an American, I'd like to say I'm sorry! Sorry for our actions
> against an innocent canadian! I also feel that American liberties and
> freedoms are being trampled on by our current government. I'd also like
> to thank the "prince of pot" for being an outstanding example of an
> accountable human. Thank you also to CBC for your due diligence.
> Ray Stelmaszak
> Posted by: Ray Stelmaszak | Jan 20, 08 09:33 AM
> If marijuana is illegal, then alcohol should be too; banning the one is
> as pointless and unnecessary as banning the other (again) would be.
> Marc Emery is courageously fighting this test case, and we should be
> helping and encouraging him, rather than going along with the
> ill-informed proponents of the ridiculous war on drugs.
> Posted by: Lesley Weston | Jan 20, 08 09:34 AM
> Marc Emery is a true Canadian Hero. If more people would stand up for
> what they believe in then Marc would be Primeminister.Unfortunately,
> this is not the case and people who smoke pot have to do so behind
> closed doors.Governments have long since exceeded the intent for which
> they were created and they think that this is their mission. Well it is
> not, and it is about time that people stood up to the
> mass murderers of the world i.e. george bush [does not deserve capital
> letters].
> Posted by: Bob Kaine | Jan 20, 08 09:35 AM
> Mr. Emery has it correct and I am NOT a pot smoker. The Canadian Gov.
> needs to step up and protect our own. It would seem that he been
> correct on other issues, ie. All stores ARE open Now on Sunday. Pot
> will be legal one day and it is less harmful than Alcohol, Just ask any
> Addictions Foundation who practice harm reduction. We already allow
> it's use for Mededical use. The USA War on Drugs is a Failure,so as
> Canadians, lets accept that and free ourselves from their negative
> influence.
> Posted by: Melville | Jan 20, 08 09:36 AM
> I just watched this Sunday morning show and I hope the Canadian
> government doesn't hand any crusader over to any other country. I am
> dreadfully cool to use or misuse of any sustenance and although I
> disagree with advocating the use of pot, especially for the young
> folks, I do embrace Free Choice as long as that free choice doesn't
> negatively impact or influence others. I see the topic of pot as a
> similar item as booze, tobacco or prostitution. The more these
> non-typical (un-popular?) topics, issues and products become acceptable
> or somewhat acceptable within our legal limitations, including taxes
> and/or monitoring, then the grass roots end result is predictable as
> that of booze is, there will always be some messes to deal with, but
> better to have it out in the open (transparency) then suppressed into
> the criminal domains. Crusaders push our Canadian cultural limits and
> traditions and although any one crusader or topic may not fit my world
> directly, I am dearly concerned and worried when our Canadian
> government hands over our citizens to other countries.
> Dave B.
> Posted by: David Barclay | Jan 20, 08 09:38 AM
> I'm not sure Canadians realize that what they have in Marc Emery is a
> homegrown version of the 19th century abolitionist William Lloyd
> Garrison. Like Garrison, Emery is defying a patently unjust system that
> mocks the idea of personal freedom and deforms the lives of essentially
> innocent men and women. Like Garrison, he is opposed by powerful,
> ruthless, and very deeply entrenched political forces, on both sides of
> the border. Like Garrison, he can sometimes appear single-minded and
> tooeager for personal martyrdom.
> But the DEA shouldn't be too quick to gloat over any prison sentence
> Emery may receive. Garrison went to prison, too. But he survived to see
> the abolition of slavery in his lifetime. With any luck, Marc Emery's
> life and work will follow a similar trajectory.
> Posted by: Robert Charles Wilson | Jan 20, 08 09:40 AM
> My name is Dnaielle. I am 18 years old and I live in Moncton with my
> parents and two sisters. My parents and I saw the news about Marc Emery
> and we are really hoping that our government will step up and take him
> into their own hands. I don't believe that Emery is a criminal in any
> sense and I would really like to offer my support. He should not be
> tried in the United States, and when tried in Canada, I don't think he
> should serve jail time. He is the only person that I know of that is
> standing up for my rights and rights of Canadians. It would be an
> absolute shame to see an honest fighting man go to jail. When it comes
> to government, I should feel like I have a choice. As a Canadian, I
> feel like I have no choices and I can't bear to let this happen.
> Posted by: Danielle | Jan 20, 08 09:40 AM
> Sadly, yes. The people of Canada appear indifferent on marijuana - they
> don't love or hate it. Of the people who support Marc, they will not
> speak up because they're afraid they might be added to some "list",
> which may or may not exist - probably not. The greater concern (that
> Canadians don't appear to see) is how the US is policing Canada.
> Doesn't that bother anyone? The Canadian Govt has observed Marc's
> activism on this subject for years and now that Big Brother US comes
> knocking we don't recognize Marc as a political activist anymore? This
> is very concerning.
> Posted by: Fidus Achates | Jan 20, 08 09:44 AM
> the canadian government should not be handing marc emery over to the
> USA. By taking his taxes every year the have legitamized his business,
> now they are saying he is a criminal! I am tired of our Canadian
> government letting the USA dictate our laws too us.
> Posted by: margaret frayn | Jan 20, 08 09:44 AM
> I do not believe that Marc Emery should be "given" to the US. His fight
> is most definitely a political one and our government should treat it
> as such. Without people such as Marc, I would still not have the right
> to vote and minorities would not be equal under the law. I always
> profess Canada to be more tolerant and compassionate than the US and
> hopefully we will prove it to be so.
> Sincerely,
> Gail Hutchin
> Posted by: Gail Hutchin | Jan 20, 08 09:44 AM
> Marc may be articulate but it doesn't change the fact that he is
> breaking the law. The criminal charges are for his illegal business
> activities not his activism. There are ways to lobby for change and
> earn a living without breaking the law and it looks like Marc will have
> plenty of time to learn that difference. I think he is very good at
> rationalizing his behaviour.
> Posted by: mary beth parsons | Jan 20, 08 09:46 AM
> I support Marc Emery 100%!We need more intellecutal,intelligent common
> sense people fighting for our rights and freedoms,i hope the goverment
> does the right thing!
> Posted by: l.d | Jan 20, 08 09:46 AM
> Marc may be articulate but it doesn't change the fact that he is
> breaking the law. The criminal charges are for his illegal business
> activities not his activism. There are ways to lobby for change and
> earn a living without breaking the law and it looks like Marc will have
> plenty of time to learn that difference. I think he is very good at
> rationalizing his behaviour.
> Posted by: mary beth parsons | Jan 20, 08 09:46 AM
> I just watched your segment on Mark Emery. I would like to know how the
> Canadian Tax Revenue Department, and therefore the present Government
> of Canada, will keep their nose clean in this one. If Mr. Emery is
> found guilty and sentenced for drug trafficking then why wouldn't
> Revenue Canada be guilty of profitting from the proceeds of crime, a
> Criminal Code offence, and therefore be subject to the penalties
> associated with this crime. Mr Emery stated he admitted on his income
> tax his source of taxable income came from the proceeds of marijuana- I
> assume Revenue Canada cashed his cheque.
> Posted by: Lorelei Langille | Jan 20, 08 09:52 AM
> Who does this guy think he is fooling?
> He is in this type of illegal business like the many others that are
> illegal. Strictly for easy money! Just because Revenue Canada has been
> asleep at the switch, and allowed him to pay taxes on what he is doing,
> does not make it legal or right.
> He should be extradited to the US for his trial.
> Posted by: M. White | Jan 20, 08 09:53 AM
> I am 200% on Marc Emery's side. I am 60 years young - a health
> professional. Why the constant witch hunt regarding Marijuana? KEEP OUR
> Yes, there should be controls & education, but no more than on alcohol
> from which we suffer more.
> Trying to ban Marijuana runs the same gamut of issues as in the days of
> prohibition.
> Does anyone remember when the Liberals were going to decriminalize
> marijuana?
> Go to: http://www.wednesday-night.com/MarijuanaArchive.asp
> Canadians are different than the Americans and we aim to stay that way.
> WHY aren't the authorities in BOTH countries nailing the purveyors of
> "old" hard drugs and the "new" drugs created in private labs?? Why for
> years do we see the common street vendors of drugs prosecuted while the
> REAL traffickers are rarely caught. WHO are the persons higher up the
> food chain who are being paid off?
> Do we really believe that hard drugs could remain as they are today if
> people "hidden" inside our legal/political system were not on the take?
> Why waste precious human and financial resources to chase down private
> citizens such as Marc Emery who has operated in a way sanctioned by our
> own government? People of Canada have been expecting legalization for
> years. Does anyone remember Jean Chretien saying when he was about to
> retire that he would have a"joint in one hand and a fifty in the other"
> ??Trudeau was know to inhale.
> We should stop being such hypocrites and bring the law in line with the
> majority of Canadians.
> Presently, I don't use, but would like to think the option will be open
> when I retire. If not, does our government plan to open an elder care
> wing in our prisons for retired marijuana aficionados??
> Posted by: Marty Fisher | Jan 20, 08 09:53 AM
> just another example of the americans getting their way with us. good
> luck Marc. I have voiced my displeasure with my mla. get a backbone!
> deal with this at home, if there is anything to even to deal with.
> Posted by: steve waddell. | Jan 20, 08 09:54 AM
> Were you people smoking something when you did this story? The man is a
> drug dealer and breaking a myriad of laws, both federally and
> internationally.Is he exempt from prosecution for breaking those laws
> because he's doing it under the guise of being a political activist?How
> did he raise the money to fund such a political movement? There are
> many hard working ,law abiding citizens in this country that really
> dedicate their lives to helping and empowering people,and they do it
> legally!This man is a parasite,profiting from the misery of others,
> and, he got off lightly!
> Posted by: Suzanne | Jan 20, 08 09:56 AM
> Hi, I don't think Marc should be handed over to the U.S. I would like
> to see the Canadian Government take Marc's "BCMP" issue seriously and
> rethink marijuana's illegal status in our own country, do innocent
> people deserve to be jailed for a lifestyle choice, not a criminal
> choice?
> Posted by: Mark | Jan 20, 08 10:04 AM
> Carole,
> Why hasn't the US DEA charged the Canadian Government with money
> laundering from the taxes collected from Marc Emery?
> And, why hasn't the US Post Office and/or Canada Post or couriers been
> charged as a co-conspirator in trafficking marijuana seeds?
> These questions may not help Marc Emery with his defense but you gotta
> wonder why.
> Posted by: Nick | Jan 20, 08 10:05 AM
> How can our government take taxes from Mr.Emerys'business and then let
> the U.S. charge him for it.If he's not doing anything wrong here then
> the government should protect him and don't give him up to the U.S.I
> wish our government had the backbone to stand up for it's
> citizens,rather than let another country run it's affairs.
> Posted by: Randy | Jan 20, 08 10:08 AM
> Vancouver's Marc Emery
> Marc Emery
> What a shame on our government, and our country, for not standing up
> for our fellow Canadian citizen.
> Our solders are dying for the freedom of other county men on foreign
> soil, but we will not stand up for the freedom of our own country men.
> Afghanistan is the main world supplier of opium and heroin. The US
> government even pays tribal leaders to help in the fight in
> Afghanistan, the same tribal leader condoning the sale and trade of
> opium and heroin.
> Yet do not stand up for our own citizen's, over the US governments
> attitudes to marijuana.
> Marc Emery, of all people should not be turned over to the US
> government.
> It is a far stretch, to say his seeds, are the cause of grow operations
> in the US.
> Seeds are not illegal in Canada and what they do with them in the US is
> not our business. I have heard of more than one person saying, making
> tea out of pot seeds helps them with there digestive system.
> I do not smoke pot, but I do vote, when I see the injustice, done to
> Canadian citizens, to please the American government, that is one
> Canadian government I will not VOTE FOR.
> Ian McNary
> Card Carrying Conservative from Alberta.
> Posted by: I McNary | Jan 20, 08 10:12 AM
> It's an outrage that we as a country are thinking about handing over
> one of our citizens to satisfy a US political whim.
> This is a persecution equal to the Arar case. The US in the past has
> been known to deal with drug lords, as long as it meets their own
> agenda's.
> I don't use drugs and never will, even Arnold Swartzenager, Governor of
> California, called it "just a weed"
> R.Crawford
> Posted by: Robin Crawford | Jan 20, 08 10:22 AM
> I have just seen your show on the prince of pot. I am not a pot user,
> but my feelings are that I cannot dictate what other people do.
> The part that I am furious at is that our Government has no problem
> taking money (tax) from this man knowing that is is derived from pot.
> If they will not attempt to help him then at least give the money back
> to him or to a charity. They cannot keep it if they know where it came
> from. Do we need the $$$$$ that badly.
> Posted by: Susan | Jan 20, 08 10:23 AM
> Mark emery should be released. The Canadian Government is complicit as
> they collected and profited from the proceeds in the way of taxes.
> Nelson Tilbury
> S V Stormcat
> Presently in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico
> registered in Vancouver BC.
> Posted by: Nelson Tilburyy | Jan 20, 08 10:25 AM
> For the love of God Canada, DO NOT hand this man over to the Americans,
> who the hell is smoking the bad shit here?????? Our Gov't should give
> the guy a medal and then let him show all these anal retentive lawyers
> running our country how it should be done. I would chip in to allow our
> gov'ts the right to sit and smoke a fatty.......Canada would chill the
> $##@ out then!!!!
> Posted by: wanda | Jan 20, 08 10:27 AM
> i think it is shameful to allow this man go through the US justice
> system with such a bias agenda.Let us remember that they do not control
> the world [although they wish to.]i m not a pot smoker and think that
> alcohol does far grater damage to society.Agian Steven Harper shows his
> true colors in letting this happen.
> Posted by: robert y. | Jan 20, 08 10:28 AM
> I am so pleased that you aired this. NO Marc EMERY SHOULD NOT GO TO
> JAIL. An outrage that our government won't even comment on this, BUT
> took his money. This is a great cause, and people should have the right
> to choose. I support the BC3 anad wear my t-shirt proud. I am one of
> the millions of Canadians that feel cannabis should be legal. Take the
> power out of the hands of the criminal. We are peace full people that
> just want to be able to work, pay our taxes, which most of us do. And
> not have the government sitting in our living rooms watching our every
> move..isn't that why we have soldiers fighting in Afghanistan for?
> thank you again for airing this.. you did a wonderful job!
> Tamara Cartwright
> Southern Alberta Cannabis club
> Proud member of the Cannabis Community
> Posted by: Tamara Cartwright | Jan 20, 08 10:28 AM
> I believe that Mr Emery is a hero . He stands for the rights of all.
> I understand that to be charged with a marijuana , it;s tested for it's
> THC content. Seeds do not contain THC. The Canadian Government accepted
> his tax money, they should stand behind him. Why should people who
> choose marijuana be forced to buy from the REAL criminals . Marc only
> speaks the truth. In the U.S the truth really hurts eh?
> Posted by: Steven Gerow | Jan 20, 08 10:30 AM
> Drugs and alcohol alter your state of reality and i don't think that
> Ayn Rand would be an advocate of this. I support your fight on the
> grounds of freedom to choose but, as someone who has done all three -
> alcohol, drugs and Ayn Rand i feel the best choice is to stay focused
> on reality with a clear mind. All my best to you as you take on the
> government, As Ayn Rand says - the government is here to protect our
> rights not issue them!
> Posted by: Heather Pople | Jan 20, 08 10:33 AM
> Doubtful this man has ever been to a withdrawal management center or
> seen first hand the horrible effects this drug can wrought on peoples
> lives, their souls and their families. People in law enforcement see
> the reverse end of this "philosophy" , destroyed lives, compromised
> existences and grossly delusional and neurotic perceptions among a
> substantial number of users. For the mass of people who are negatively
> affected by its use, it is not simply an easily remedied harm or injury
> that goes away by stopping, they are completely decimated in soul, body
> and mind, often irretrievably so. This kind of risk is not something
> worth the philosophical or democratic benefit. Not in any way can be
> considered a safe drug across an entire population and should not be
> advocated as such by a select few who have managed to integrate it
> functionally into their lives. In a large majority of cases, it's use
> leads to addictive or withdrawn behaviour, responsibilities are
> ignored, families dissolve and to allow it's availability to be
> unlimited or uncontrolled would be the act of an irresponsible society.
> To point to the example of alcohol as doing more damage, a favourite of
> marijuana proponents, does in no way make this position right in a
> grounded ethical sense.
> Posted by: Rob Weafer | Jan 20, 08 10:33 AM
> If this guy does not get put behind bars for life, this world is alot
> worse than I had even begun to imagine.
> Posted by: Julie Carberry | Jan 20, 08 10:33 AM
> There's no way Emery or anyone else should be imprisoned. The real
> crime being oommitted is the contiuance of the US 'War On Drugs' based
> on American prejudice and bigotry especially in light of all the
> medical and scientific evidence that clearly shows the healing benfits
> of cannabis. It would be appalling for the Canadian government to allow
> extradition considering that they were complicit in receiving over half
> a million dollars in taxes and were directing medical marijuana licence
> holders to Emery's site to obtain seeds.
> Posted by: M. Fisher | Jan 20, 08 10:33 AM
> I think this generally law abiding citizen of Canada, Marc Emery,
> should have his life back!
> What the people who buy these seeds do with them is thier own business!
> I myself have been legally licensed to posess and grow, by the canadian
> government for 8 years when thier Medical Marihuana program came into
> affect. Due the infearier low quality of the Canadian Prarie Plant
> system's marihuana, Its good to have people like Marc around and in
> business.I can't believe this government!
> They will allow people like Charles Ing, and recently Karla Homoka to
> serve light sentence's and in Ing's case, not get extridicated to the
> USA, but to allow this hypocrocy to take place on someone who hasn't
> hurt anyone is absurd!!
> The Canadian Government is willing to take taxes from him for selling
> and charging for these seeds, but won't stand behind him when the DEA
> comes knocking at our door.
> WE are a seperate country from the States. Our government shouldn't
> cow-tow to the states when the USA has thier nose out of joint. Look
> what they're doing in Iraq!!!
> If we don't stop the states now from budding into countries that they
> have NO business being in, the states will declare War on all the
> countries of the world just so they can change what they dont like!
> Posted by: Steven P | Jan 20, 08 10:33 AM
> This is once again proof of the U.S gouverments quest of proving to the
> worl that they and they alone hold the key to what is right. It is also
> proof that who ever has different views or opinions than the all
> mighthy U.S should be simply removed. The U.S should leave the guy
> alone and concentrate on fixing real issues in there own country and
> getting out of Irak. No wonder the rest of the world hates them!
> Dan Daoust
> Montreal, Quebec
> Posted by: Dan Daoust | Jan 20, 08 10:33 AM
> name one american that the canadian government want to extradite to
> canada.Where is the justise?
> Posted by: dan wojcik | Jan 20, 08 10:33 AM
> Just wondering if the Canadian Govt. will also be charged for willing
> accepting the monies from an "illegal" business?
> I think that the Canadian Govt. should deal with their own problems
> before some other authorities have to step in.
> Posted by: Bruce | Jan 20, 08 10:34 AM
> Very Interesting segment.....I adore this man for his courage....The
> U.S government won't even allow life saving precription drugs which HIV
> people need to cross the border, without "VERY SPECIAL"
> /permission...let alone let the HIV people into their country....which
> by the way is illegal....
> So, fighting the US government on something like POT.....you are one
> hell of a crusader MISTER............
> I myself use POT occasionally for medical reasons/ pain relief.....but
> at the same time I know people who become so addicted to it that they
> smoke one off the other and I see disrepect and irresponsibilty
> when this happens...
> Your willingness to spend time in a U.S prison for your crusade.......i
> only hope you have a strong belief in GOD......
> Comparing this to gay rights movements is good, because the USA has a
> long LONG way to go with that issue too........
> Thank you CBC for airing this........
> Posted by: U.S.A/politicallynegative | Jan 20, 08 10:35 AM
> How typical of the Canadian government to bow down to the wishes of the
> U.S. Marc Emery is not a criminal, he didn't hurt anyone, and he hasn't
> even left Canada. Our government should be thanking him, not sending
> him to rot in an American prison. I for one am completely disgusted
> that Parliament is doing absolutely nothing to protect our sovereignty.
> So here's to the Prince of Pot, you may be able to quite him for a
> while, but he's going to come back louder then ever.
> Posted by: Dan | Jan 20, 08 10:35 AM
> I think the trial of Mark Emry is setting an uncomfortable precedent.
> Next they'll be going after the shop that sold the gun and/or ammo that
> was used in a triple homicide. Or Ford because one of their cars was
> used in a hit and run.
> If the Canadian government knew what Emry was doing and selling, and
> was happy to take their cut of the profits from that, how can they just
> leave him to hang? They should get up and defend their citizens.
> Posted by: Katie | Jan 20, 08 10:35 AM
> Marc Emery is one of those guys who wants to thumb their nose at the
> law and act as though they alone are the arbitrator of what is right
> and wrong. He has made conscious decisions that he does not have to
> abide by several laws and now that he has been asked to face the
> consequences of those decisions,whine that we aren't helping him. He
> admits that he has purposely flouted numerous laws just because he has
> decided that he doesn't have to follow them and now he wants to present
> himself as the great hope of "the Canadian people". Who does he think
> he is? He's not my prophet, and I seriously think that perhaps he needs
> some time behind bars to cure his arrogance. He should wear a shirt
> that just has the letter "I" on the front because he is so full of
> himself - that interview was just me, me, me.
> These guys are all the same - they're above the law while all the rest
> of us peons are supposed to follow them like good little soldiers so
> that we're not all living like animals. I say he should take his lumps
> - he's been asking for it for years and now he's got it.
> Posted by: Trish Dehmel | Jan 20, 08 10:36 AM
> Marc Emery is canadian heroe. You will see as time progresses the youth
> will embrace him more. As all older generations pass on, pot will be
> looked at by newer generations as a safe alternative to alcohol. I have
> met many canadian parents that would rather they're son or daughter
> smoke pot then drink alcohol. Look at the amount of death related to
> alcohol a very serious legal substance vs. marijuana a suttle buzz of
> laughter and relaxation. Now think of all the women, children and
> familys ruined from alcohol. Alcohol creates many wrong and abusive
> quality's in human beings and will only ruin us more. I have seen some
> very dangerous situations created from alcohol, never have i seen
> someone smoke a joint and lose their mind.
> Posted by: Never Matters 19 years old | Jan 20, 08 10:36 AM
> this man is not committing a crime in canada.he should not be exradited
> forpolitical reasons
> Posted by: ernie moulton | Jan 20, 08 10:36 AM
> I think this generally law abiding citizen of Canada, Marc Emery,
> should have his life back!
> What the people who buy these seeds do with them is their own business!
> I myself have been legally licensed to possess and grow, by the
> Canadian government for 8 years when their Medical Marihuana program
> came into affect. Due the inferior low quality of the Canadian Prairie
> Plant system's marihuana, Its good to have people like Marc around and
> in business.I can't believe this government!
> They will allow people like Charles Ing, and recently Karla Homoka to
> serve light sentence's and in Ing's case, not get extradited to the
> USA, but to allow this hypocrisy to take place on someone who hasn't
> hurt anyone is absurd!!
> The Canadian Government is willing to take taxes from him for selling
> and charging for these seeds, but won't stand behind him when the DEA
> comes knocking at our door.
> WE are a separate country from the States. Our government shouldn't
> cow-tow to the states when the USA has their nose out of joint. Look
> what they're doing in Iraq!!!
> If we don't stop the states now from budding into countries that they
> have NO business being in, the states will declare War on all the
> countries of the world just so they can change what they don't like!
> Posted by: Steven P | Jan 20, 08 10:36 AM
> it's time for the U.S. to EVOLVE . Give up the guns , clean up their
> own Police agencies & Politicians . And stop trying to divert the
> publics attention away from the serious problems of the Racism ,
> Poverty and Education ( or lack of ) that exists in their own borders
> .Marijuana use is as much a moral issue as Alcohol use is . Our
> Government should fight for it's citizens , especially a good " tax
> payer " ... good luck Mr.Emery.
> Posted by: james sellers | Jan 20, 08 10:36 AM
> I don't think we should hand Marc Emery over to the states. Canada
> could make a lot of taxes if it were to legalize marijuana. I would
> rather got to a party where most of the people smoke pot, than a party
> where their is only alcohol. In fact I will not go to a party if it is
> drinking only.
> Posted by: Cindy Simmons | Jan 20, 08 10:37 AM
> Are you really listening, he is being extorted into taking a deal.
> Seriously the Mexican standoff, I think our government is so afraid of
> the bush admin., they have finally proved to the citizens of Canada
> that our current government has NO sovereignty on our soil. If in fact
> he is committing an international offense, it is Interpol who must have
> the juristriction.
> This is an insult to us, we in my household honestly believe the US
> must stop invading us. No weapons other than treaties, pacts, policies
> and financial blackmail. They're trying to steal our North West Passage
> with their submarine "patrols". Now they are carrying out draconian law
> enforcement tatics. Please, help the Canadian people mr. harper our
> dishonourable P.M.. Marc, NO DEALS!!! You are only being used political
> reasons which with the right exposure will blow up in their own faces.
> They are in the wrong.
> Posted by: Tommy | Jan 20, 08 10:37 AM
> I think the trial of Mark Emry is setting an uncomfortable precedent.
> Next they'll be going after the shop that sold the gun and/or ammo that
> was used in a triple homicide. Or Ford because one of their cars was
> used in a hit and run.
> If the Canadian government knew what Emry was doing and selling, and
> was happy to take their cut of the profits from that, how can they just
> leave him to hang? They should get up and defend their citizens.
> Posted by: Katie | Jan 20, 08 10:37 AM
> If canada hands Mark over to the United States government, what`s the
> political agenda? whats the trade off going to be? Oh, I guess they`ll
> owe us another one... maybe after the election!!
> Posted by: George | Jan 20, 08 10:38 AM
> As a Federal Medical Marijuana License Holder, I am deeply offended by
> Marc Emery's case. He should be free - just like the dozens of
> Canadians who are STILL SELLING SEEDS all across the country.
> Years ago, I was even told by the Health Canada office to try Emery for
> seeds. That isn't a rumor about "some medical users", it actually
> happened to me.
> If we let him go to the US, or jail him here, we have no sovereignty,
> period. It is gone. We are effectively a subsidiary of US Inc.
> In regards to "Like discovering God", I know exactly what he means. I
> consider myself a skeptic, non-religious, but fairly spiritual. I am
> not a member of any church. I find that when I use marijuana, it makes
> me very introspective, and I feel myself moving spiritually closer to
> "The Source" - or what many people regard as God. This was not
> intended, but came about gradually over years of daily dosing.
> So, quite despite myself and without seeking this path, I find I am
> also a "spiritual" or "sacramental" user of marijuana, not just a
> medical user. Smoking or vaporizing my marijuana is not only me
> medicating, it is also kind of like me "praying". And I am much better
> for it.
> How is that any more or less sensible than a burning bush, a virgin
> birth, or a story told to man by an angel?
> My wife also uses marijuana for her epilepsy. She reduced her seizures
> from 3 per week to three per year.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nV40H_g-NJo
> Finally, if we accept that the government has ANY say in what we can do
> with our own bodies, then we must accept their ownership of us. We must
> accept that we are owned, like livestock, and that we are okay with
> this.
> If we are okay with marijuana prohibition, then by extension, we should
> be okay with totally relinquishing all of our personal freedoms and
> waiving all of our rights.
> Russell Barth
> Federal Medical
> Posted by: Russell Barth | Jan 20, 08 10:38 AM
> How do you view your thoughts, I 100% support Marc. The government will
> charge a person, give them a criminal record for using marijuana. So
> much for traveling, thats one way of keeping our taxes in Canada. For
> seeds male or female WHAT'S NEXT? Both governments Canada & USA have no
> problem selling tabacco laced with chemicals. So much for my adult
> decisions using a weed not full of chemicals. I am almost in fear for
> Marc. Shame on you Mr. Harper. You have lost my next vote. Goodluck
> Marc I am routing for you.
> Posted by: Kevin Deacon | Jan 20, 08 10:38 AM
> Please don't use my letter for any other reason other than to calculate
> what percentage of viewers agree or disagree with Mr. Emery's stand.
> I believe Mr. Emery to be an upstanding citizen and completely concur
> with his comments.
> The war on soft drugs has served to create numerous problems in our
> society.
> Carole, would you have asked Maude Barlow or Farley Mowat, if they
> "just want to fight"?
> >From a middle-aged teacher
> Posted by: Glenda Stoller | Jan 20, 08 10:40 AM
> where are all of the politicians on this? Jack Layton has been to Marc
> Emerys' house as a guest-so Marc Emery says.How could he stay silent
> while Mr. Emery goes to jail for 5 years-this is so unbelievable!
> Meanwhile,the web is filled with tons of ads for pot seeds from people
> of less integrity than Marc Emery.
> Posted by: p.p. | Jan 20, 08 10:40 AM
> Living in a Liberal Society that treats perpetraitors of crime better
> than the victims. Iam not suprised at the reaction or lack of by our
> government in defending a Canadian Citizen against an overzealous
> American D.E.A. This man should not be sent to the U.S.A.!
> Posted by: lance mcintosh | Jan 20, 08 10:40 AM
> This gentleman obviously, (as Carole tried to get him to admit), loves
> a fight. I am of a mind with him where it comes to arbitrary
> application of "rules", especially those imposed by foreign countries.
> This man has committed no crime in Canada. He is a Canadian citizen. He
> remains in Canada with apparently no intention to enter the U.S. He
> even paid his Canadian taxes on his allegedly illegal business profits.
> At root this is a matter of national sovereignity. Is a Canadian a
> criminal because the U.S. decides to name him/her so? If Canada decides
> that Mr Emery has broken our laws, let our judiciary deal with it. The
> U.S. should try to deal with their own vast criminal problem.
> What is the next step, american bounty hunters performing illegal
> arrests in our country? Frankly, I think that our current conservative
> government would raise no objections.
> Paul McElcheran
> Toronto
> Posted by: Paul McElcheran | Jan 20, 08 10:41 AM
> If revenue Canada can accept his tax declaration and money for all of
> his business activities, without them being obliged to report him to
> the RCMP... Further if he can carry out his business openly & honestly,
> here in Canada without violating our laws... The marijuana party of
> Canada exists and we have all seen this option on the ballet for years
> now... this guy seems to me to be a legitimate Canadian citizen &
> patriot!
> If the US want to stop his seed shipments at the border... this is
> their option... maybe we'll see a flood of migration north... the
> parallel being the blacks in the time of slavery... we accepted them
> into our socialist open society... to allow them to be extradited back
> to the US where the were obviously considered criminals... would not
> have been acceptable...
> Similarly this really does not seem right... & I postulate would not be
> considered acceptable to our society ...
> my 2 cents,
> Allan D.
> Posted by: Allan D Dufour | Jan 20, 08 10:41 AM
> I have never smoked pot. With saying that its a joke for the Canadian
> Government to turn over a Canadian Citizen to a power hungry prosecutor
> in the United States. Let them go after their citizens who broke the
> law.Obviously Mark was not breaking any Canadian laws. Our government
> was happy to collect his taxes.
> Posted by: Bob | Jan 20, 08 10:43 AM
> I believe that Mr Emery has NOT had enough support from our government,
> who I might add made alot of money from Mr. Emery's business. How can
> the government let this happen-they more than GLADLY took the honest
> tax dollars he paid-at least he did everything by the book, which is
> more than I can say for most of the politicians in this country...you
> can't deny that now can you?
> It is ridiculous in my mind how the politians and government officials
> judge the use of marijuana. I believe alcohol is a much worse drug than
> marijuana. I could get drunk and kill someone tomorrow and Mr. Emery
> would be in jail longer than I would be.
> I do believe that many people have been fighting against alcochol use
> for decades, which by the way kills more people on a yearly basis than
> a "POT" smoker.
> We are talking about something we can plant in the ground and grow for
> god's sake!!
> This is not something manufactured and processed!!!
> I bet alot of people who are fighting to put this man in jail, drink on
> occasion.
> How hypocritical this that??
> Maybe some of these politicians should try it---maybe it would mellow
> them out a little and they wouldn't be wasting the taxpayers money
> trying to put an honest man in jail.
> Try catching some of the liquor stores who are selling to minors EVERY
> DAY!!!!
> I was in the beer store the other day and I knew the underaged kid in
> front of me. He got his beer and some for his YOUNGER buddies as well.
> I wish this government would fight for HONEST people, like Marc Emery.
> Not all people like alcohol either!!!
> It ruined most of my childhood....but that is okay right??? Because
> alcohol is legal??
> Posted by: Cheryl Girardin | Jan 20, 08 10:46 AM
> 1. If the Canadian Government accepted income tax payments for the sale
> of seeds then they are condoning the sale of Pot seeds, and therefore
> should not extradite Marc emery to the US for prosecution.
> 2. There are many other sites that sell pot seeds over the Internet,
> are they also being prosecuted, and if not why?
> 3. The prosecution of Marc Emery must be political, if no one else is
> being charged for the sale of pot seeds over the internet.
> Posted by: Doug Weir | Jan 20, 08 10:49 AM
> Why just go back to prohibition! Why whiskey isnt band? As a french
> canadian I never was realy keen on Jean Chrétien but I have to admit he
> was the only PM to put on his pants when it came to say no to the
> Yanks. Marc Emery can not wait for help from our "Texan goverment" to
> support him. To send money for the best lawyers on both side of the
> border to assure is defense is a better way to help him out of this
> manner. Come on wake up! I smoke pot for 30 years now and always paid
> my taxs and had a regular life.
> Posted by: Marc Lavoie from Montréal | Jan 20, 08 10:51 AM
> There is no way Marc Emery should be extradited to the U.S.. In fact
> given the comparison of the issues of his case to the Prohibition of
> alcolhol he should not have been prosecuted at all. Canada had the
> right idea when they basically left him alone and taxed his profits.
> That he was blackmailed into a plea bargain to protect his employees is
> disgusting. The fact that he made the deal is an example of the
> excellent character and moral grounding of this man.
> I think it is ridiculous that in this day and age we expend any money
> on the prosection and imprisonment of people surrounding soft drug
> issues. Alcohol and tobacco are the two most harmful drugs in society
> today resulting in reduced productivity in the workplace, addiction and
> death.
> Posted by: Randal Clark | Jan 20, 08 10:53 AM
> As a longtime user[38 yrs.] and retired seller of cannabis products, I
> am appalled at our government's continued persecution/prosecution of
> it's citizens for what is essentially a benign and relatively safe
> activity. The Torys,in their fervor to curry favor with the odious
> religious fundamentalists in power in the U.S.,propose to jail tens of
> thousands of otherwise law-abiding Canadians,assuming that the threat
> of jail will curb all illegal activity.SURPRISE! It just does not
> work.Instead of finding new ways to waste our tax dollars,let us be our
> own country,our own people,and legalize and legitimize the use of
> cannabis in all of its forms and as Marc Emery has done, declare his
> use and profitting from pot/hash products.By the way, two years ago,
> the Liberals made abig noise about decriminalization while in power.
> They seem to be awfully quiet on the subject since. Could it be they
> are more interested in holding off an election than in standing up for
> what they say they believe in? Canada, protect your citizens from
> attack by any country's attempts to enforce their misguided and
> self-serving laws on our soil. We are a sovereign nation,not the
> Posted by: Yanoh | Jan 20, 08 10:59 AM
> I am deeply and profoundly disturbed that the Canadian government is
> allowing a Canadian citizen to be extradited and charged for crimes we
> clearly condoned when we collected taxes for the activities in
> question.
> I am a 51 yr old single working mother and am not part of the drug
> culture in Canada.
> I do not agree with all of Mr Emery's politics and philosophies but
> based on your report this morning I cannot help but be appalled by our
> governments behaviour in this matter.
> WE should NOT be handing him over to the Americans!
> I do agree that legalising pot just like alcohol and then taxing it up
> the wazoo would be beneficial to our economy and make room in our
> courts and prisons for truly dangerous people.
> I am not optimistic the current administration will listen to anything
> any citizen has to say on this matter. They don't seem to care what
> Canadians think about anything.
> Thanks
> Kelley in Sudbury
> Posted by: kelley | Jan 20, 08 11:00 AM
> I really think this charges he is going up for are ridiculous.Since all
> he is doing is fighting for our peoples rights as Canadian citizen.And
> he is helping those who are ill and people actually no the side effects
> of marijuana compared to the pills doctors prescribe and get us hook on
> and killing people for.For example oxycotin and that is just one of
> them.
> Posted by: Antoine Robichaud | Jan 20, 08 11:01 AM
> I think it is very hipocritical of the canadian government to hand this
> man over to the american authorities,regarding his selling marijuana
> seeds.He paid taxes on his buisness,the gov't was aware of what he was
> selling,still taking his money,now that it the states are involved the
> canadian gov't takes the easy way out like they usually do(don't stand
> up for their taxpayers when it means standing up to the
> states.)Canadians are a passive lot but sometimes we don't fight hard
> enough for the things that really matter.I believe 5 yrs in jail for
> selling plant seeds in an absolute outrage.There is less time served
> for more severe crimes.When are we going to wake up and realize
> marijuana is used for medicinal purposes including a stress reliever in
> todays society with corruption,over taxing,not to mention the violence
> world wide,wake up and smell the coffee,which also comes from a
> plant.As it says it the bible "smoke the herbs".Which i am sure someone
> will be sure to start another debate over.All i'm saying is let the
> punishment fit the crime which we all know is not always done.Why are
> we making such a big deal out of this?
> Posted by: chris holland | Jan 20, 08 11:03 AM
> Is he really a criminal. It is obvious that our provincial and federal
> governments don't think so or they would have closed his store on
> sovereign soil and also not accepted his tax declarations. There are
> many things that are illegal in foreign countries but are allowed here
> in Canada. I don't understand our governments judicial decision with
> this situation.
> Watched this on the Sunday broadcast this morning. Hope you keep
> following this and find out what is really happening. I do not advocate
> the breaking of the law or Pot usage but what is the law here.
> Thank you.....
> Posted by: Chris Chisholm | Jan 20, 08 11:04 AM
> I'm in the UK and this story is outrageous.That the USA can force
> another sovereign Country to extradite one of its own citizens to face
> jail when that same crime would get nothing more than a $200 fine in
> its own Country is shocking. Its time other Countries stood up to the
> Bullying tactics of the USA but it doesn't look like Canada has the
> strength to do it. Mr Emery will get more jail time than many violent
> criminals and rapists...the world has gone mad.
> Posted by: John Leeson | Jan 20, 08 11:05 AM
> People like Marc Emery, with convictions and a belief in personal
> freedom and intellectual self-discovery who defies the establishment of
> their times in a peaceful manner are in fact national treasures and
> visionaries with historical foresight who soon could be extinct if we
> continue in our commercial self-serving manipulating distracting
> consumer society.
> Posted by: Hubert Schmidtke | Jan 20, 08 11:09 AM
> In my opinion Marc Emery should be handed over to the American
> Authorities. It appears as though his activities might have affected
> his thoughts over the years! The Justice system in Canada is far too
> lenient. The sentences are not consistent with the crimes. Why has
> Emery's business not been shut down in Vancouver?
> Thanks for the enlightening program. Keep up the good work.
> Posted by: Margaret | Jan 20, 08 11:09 AM
> I simply can't believe that he does not think he is doing anything
> wrong. It is a well documented fact that marijuana use can and does
> lead to the use of harder drugs. He believes an adult person smoking
> marijuana may do so in the privacy of their own home, however is he so
> "high" on himself and his own product that he doesn't get the fact that
> this is obviously being used by kids? He needs to stop smoking for a
> day or so, look at the real world and realize the damage he is doing.
> He belongs behind bars the same as any other criminal. Does he know how
> many lives he may have ruined rather than enhanced? There are drug laws
> for a reason, why should he be treated any differently just because
> "he" thinks he knows what is right? I wish some of my high school
> friends were still alive....they thought marijuana was just for fun
> too.
> Posted by: Debby Wood | Jan 20, 08 11:09 AM
> To have a business he would have undergone the appropiate permits and
> met with the community and government requlators.
> So then all the people who have authorized these transactions are
> involved with this activity by consenting.
> If our canadian government has recieved funds in the form of income
> taxes by his selling the seeds and other goods.
> So technically should not the Canadian government and the Vancouver
> city council be brought forth on conspiracy charges to committ the
> crimes that he is being charged with? Or at least be mentioned as an
> accomplice to knowledge of a crime. Plus knowingly recieving proceeds
> from a crime.
> So should we give him up? No
> Our Government needs to step up and decide what is the true issue they
> are dealing with.
> Our government has to recognize that they have permitted and recieved
> income from these transactions and need to stand up for him.
> Posted by: Tom Fenn | Jan 20, 08 11:10 AM
> We are all for Mr Emery !We belive he did nothing wrong.He payed his
> taxes ,has not hurt any one. People have been prosicuted for years for
> there belifes,as he said. I thought this country was founded on the
> rights as all people are equal under the law . KEEP UP YOUR CAUSE
> MARC!!!! we are behind you ! Your supporters in Ontario
> Posted by: susan betts | Jan 20, 08 11:10 AM
> The actions of the American and Canadian Government unfortunately do
> not surprise me. Although they would like us to believe that we live in
> a free and democratic society, the truth is that we live in a society
> of lies and oppression. The truth and the individuals who believe in
> true freedom, always seem to somehow be silenced. But, the harder the
> Governments work to silence individuals, the louder their message
> becomes.
> As the 'powers that be' try to put and end to Mark Emery and the work
> that he has been doing, they are feeding the fire, and creating a
> martyr.
> Mark Emery has done nothing wrong, and I commend him for his fight. He
> is fighting for a cause that he believes in. He is fighting for a cause
> that should not even be an issue in the first place. Unfortunately this
> is another case that is ruled by the all- mighty dollar, and it shows
> the true arrogance, ignorance and hypocrisy of not only the American
> government, but of the Canadian Government as well.
> As usual, I am disgusted at the actions of both Governments, but I
> never expect much from them in the first place!
> We, as a society, cannot let ourselves be silenced for much longer!
> Please visit www.jackherer.com <http://www.jackherer.com/>  for very crucial information on Cannabis
> Sativa.
> Two of my favorite quotes, which I found to be fitting for this
> issue.....
> "Be the change you want to see in the world"- Muhatma Ghandi
> "The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people"-
> Woodrow Wilson
> Posted by: Stefania G | Jan 20, 08 11:12 AM
> In west Virginia a gunman killed 31 people with a weapon he purchased
> in the U.S. But America would rather send Mr. Emery to jail for life
> for selling marijuana seeds, but not the gun mfr.whose primary purpose
> is to maim or kill. When will citizens tell the U.S. to kiss their
> collective asses, and mind their own business? A Shamed U.S. citizen
> Posted by: george | Jan 20, 08 11:12 AM
> He is right about marijuana, i don't smoke it nor do i do drugs but is
> is time to legalize and control it for those who use it and especially
> for medicinal use. These users should feel safe and not threaten
> because it helps them cope with there maladies. There is no way Canada
> should extradite him to the US for prosecution, he is not a criminal in
> my opinion. Maybe it time to end marijuana prohibition and take the
> orginized crime out of the equation.
> Posted by: Ken | Jan 20, 08 11:14 AM
> As a survivor of the Flower Power generation whose famous mantra, 'Sex,
> Drugs, and Rock & Roll,' ruled from the late 60's to the early 70's, I
> witnessed much of social consequences and utter human tragedy that this
> lifestyle choice produced. I found that the vast majority of my peers
> who smoked 'grass' on a regular basis, were narrow minded, brain dead
> dopes, who couldn't hold down a steady job without a great deal of
> difficulty. And I still hold that opinion regardless of Canadian Marc
> Emery's assertion that smoking pot is just a harmless pastime. Some
> people just can't deal with reality. Some things just never change.
> Posted by: William Eady | Jan 20, 08 11:16 AM
> It's little wonder Mark Emery endorses the philosophy of Ayn Rand, who
> believed that respect for the supremacy of individual rights eventually
> confers the greatest benefit to society. From sunday shopping to
> providing accommodation for smoking pot, my greater impression was that
> his espousing social justice causes (in itself somewhat contrary to ms.
> Rand) was more an opportunity to generate personal, rather than social,
> gain. His claim of addressing injustice pales significantly by the lack
> of acknowledgment of both established and potential social detriments
> inherent to the marketing and sale of mind-altering substances. It's
> easier to uphold a sincerity of intent when working within narrowly
> defined and constrained frameworks of social ethics.
> Posted by: Peter Ledwon | Jan 20, 08 11:19 AM
> Thank heavens for people like Marc Emery! A man that stands for his
> beliefs. As an American I have always beleived that Canada was wrong
> for taking in our draft dodgers, but to turn Marc over to the American
> authorities well that is reprehensible. Take in people who refuse to
> perform their duty as a citizen, and send back the ones that do? The
> government has had no problem collecting the tax dollars made from his
> activities, I would consider their hands to be as dirty, am I right or
> am I right? Our government was formed for the people by the people and
> from my vantage point as a middle aged woman, God fearing, tax paying I
> think if a person wants to smoke pot it is a personel right after all
> God gave us all things for our use (POT included). By the way whats the
> worst thing pot smokers do, eat all your goodies and fall asleep on
> your couch. Talk about a national threat!! To the American authorities,
> stop wasting my hard earned tax dollars!! Please for goodness sake go
> after the real criminals if it isn't to difficult for you. And Canada
> just pretend Marc is a draft dodger then you will know what to do. I
> have to go the goodies call.
> Shelley
> Posted by: Shelley Wittbrodt | Jan 20, 08 11:19 AM
> Nothing but support for Marc Emery...hes doing a service
> Posted by: Eric | Jan 20, 08 11:20 AM
> I don't think the canadian goverment should extradite him they
> obviously didn't think he was doing any wrong when they accepted taxes
> from him
> Posted by: ken traynor | Jan 20, 08 11:22 AM
> Absolutely not. What happened to freedom of speech? Freedom to operate
> a Canadian business? Paid up taxes I bet too for BCMP accounts. Why did
> our government collect the taxes this man paid? Will they have to hand
> back the money. I doubt it. Our country should be protecting him for
> the Americans. In fact I believe this country we live in must protect
> every citizen from foreign control. This is very a political issue in
> controlling people. Governments of any country have no rights in how
> humans take care of themselves in the privacy of their own homes. Of
> course if there is danger of someone hurting anybody or causing alarms
> to cause real danger so be it. What others do with pot as far as the
> element of illegal activity is the responsibility of that organization
> or individual. Not Marc Emery. Congrats to Mr and Mrs. Marc Emery to
> continue this issue for so many years. There could be more people
> voicing this but maybe are afraid to admit their own thoughts. It would
> be criminal to speak out on this...Not We have allowed our governments
> to govern our own feelings or beliefs far too much and far too long. To
> think those using pot for mental or physical health is their own
> business. They are not participating is something illegal. How does
> anybody really know. On another subject this has some similar control
> issues to how our governments destroyed the Native Indians lifestyle on
> both sides of our border. There is worse chemicals or products that
> destroy human health. Like hard liquor, profitable prescription drugs
> that are used far to easily. Not too mention greed and money where the
> real root of the problem is.
> Posted by: cheryl ann crompton | Jan 20, 08 11:22 AM
> What ticks me off about this story is the fact that the united states
> wants him for drug trafficing..... who the #%$& is letting them police
> the world? they have bigger problems in their God forsaken country to
> deal with. This situation is none of their business as other events
> around the world.
> Posted by: John Martin | Jan 20, 08 11:26 AM
> The fact that the Canadian government has ignored Marc over the years
> and then had him arrested at the request of the DEA is an insult to our
> sovereignty and all Canadians should be outraged that the Harper
> government is allowing this to go on. It would be cruel punishment for
> Marc to spend even a day in jail for a 'crime' that has no victims. I
> think it would be fitting for the DEA to at least show us the bodies, a
> solitary victim of his crimes. They can't do that because there are no
> victims, no bodies, this was a political move to silence an activist,
> not an arrest of a drug kingpin.
> Posted by: J Saindon | Jan 20, 08 11:29 AM
> If marc emery was not charged by the cdn gov't, and did not break any
> canadian laws,he should be left alone, he's not a violent criminal,he
> has helped alot of people in the world ,especially canadian citizens
> who neede mariguana for medicinal purposes like myself. it's time our
> government stood up to those lame americans, there just looking for a
> fall guy to point thier finger at for their own drug problems. If the
> cdn gov't surrender him ,it will be a sad day for me and miilions in
> canada, knowing that we have a government that will not stand up for
> its citizens.
> Posted by: Trent | Jan 20, 08 11:30 AM
> Marc Emery is being made an example of by the U.S. and our Government
> needs to stand up to that. His sentence is comparable to those of
> serious violent crimes, and I don't see any common sense in the law and
> the morals of government policies. The Canadian Government happily
> collected his tax dollars and in their unquenchable thirst for our
> dollars they run the gambling operations, where so many people are
> addicted, gambling away their family's futures and even in some cases
> committing suicide. How many lives has Marc Emery affected in such a
> negative way in comparison to that. Once again it looks like our
> officials are ready to fall in line behind U.S. policy. In a free
> country we are supposed to have the right to question laws and policies
> without fear of persecution. That's how we became a free country and
> that's how we will remain that way. If we don't wake up we may loose
> that.
> Posted by: Rob Kremble | Jan 20, 08 11:31 AM
> It seems to me the Canadian Government is allowing the US to do "their
> dirty work" for them. After all the Canadian Government allowed him to,
> and in fact enabled him to, run his business in Canada while
> collecting, what probably amounted to millions in taxes. If he went to
> Court in Canada he would probably win his case just based on this fact
> alone and the Government knows it.
> Posted by: Renee McDonald | Jan 20, 08 11:41 AM
> Mr. Marc Emery should not be handed over to the US Government. Since
> when do US laws govern Canadian citizens for acts committed in Canada?
> A women raped in some Muslim countries would be punished by stoning for
> "her" actions. Would the American Government hand one of their citizens
> over for that?
> Are we not a sovereign nation as well?
> Posted by: David | Jan 20, 08 11:42 AM
> I think the injustices that have fallen upon Mr. Emery and his friends
> are disgusting. I found it very hard to sit back and accept the things
> that I was hearing. In fact I didn't want to believe it, that our very
> own country would give up one of its fellow country men simply based
> upon the fact that Mr. Emery and his friends were selling seeds to
> America and other countries!?! I wish to help Mr. Emery whether by
> rallying people to his cause or by making a political stand much like
> himself. Mr. Emery and his friends have all given up very much to help
> legalize things and get the ball rolling. But every time we start
> getting somewhere or foreign neighbors start badgering us and put an
> unfair almost to much pressure on our government so they fold and
> please the beast by feeding it its meal, a.k.a. Mr. Emery, or anyone
> else who breaks an American law in their OWN country. What Mr. Emery
> has done is not a bad thing America is just doing what it has and will
> always do, they truly are the world police.
> Posted by: John, Kennedy | Jan 20, 08 11:42 AM
> Marc Emery may be guilty of breaking Canadian drug laws, but he is yet
> to be convicted of even thaton this couont. This issue goes far beyond
> Marijuana. It becomes an issue of Canadian sovreignty. Let me be clear
> that I oppose the general usage and distribution of Marijuana but a am
> appalled that a Canadian citizen that broke a US law while on Canadian
> soil can be extradited to that country for prosecution.
> The American government rules their country by keeping their population
> afraid, afraid of higher taxes, afraid of losing their jobs, afraid of
> the police, afraid of water shortages,..... Now they want to help our
> government do the same.
> Freedom and liberty to live within the laws of the land are ours to
> treasure and protect and no amount of dislike or discomfort relating to
> an individual should change this. We do not want to be Americans or be
> a part of theit lemming society.
> If our own authorities cannot deal with Mr. Emery within the Canadian
> legal system they certainly have no right to hand him over to the
> Americans and thereby raise the spectre of people going missing from
> their homes in the night remeniscent of events in history that we would
> all rather forget.
> Posted by: Brian Collier | Jan 20, 08 11:48 AM
> Isn't it ironic that you aired the segment on Mark Emery on the same
> show where we see the US approving 'frankenfood'.
> The US should spend their resources on something which is truly harmful
> to their citizens and leave Mark alone.
> Posted by: Trish | Jan 20, 08 11:48 AM
> Marc Emery is a true Canadian. The Goverment has an obligation to stand
> behind him instead of supporting the American agendas.
> Posted by: philip chabot | Jan 20, 08 11:49 AM
> i met mr emery back in 1992 and wish him the best ..i think we as
> canadians should take a look around when it comes to our US
> counterpart..ie(war,hatred,slavery,guns,etc).this is canada and people
> come to our beautiful country for the people and cultural diversity.why
> should we let another country dictate their morals and beliefs on
> CANADA,.let us live not exist!
> Posted by: jerry b | Jan 20, 08 11:56 AM
> If Mr. Emery is extradited for his crimes to America, I feel as fellow
> citizens of this great nation that we should petition and see that he
> be brought back to his homeland to serve his foolish sentence. I feel
> that the Canadian government has proven (by backstabbing Emery through
> the heart) that they can not be trusted. They took all the money they
> were making off of Emerys' dealings, so should our government not have
> to give back this illegal money? Or what do you they do in this
> situation give it back the poor ( BIG LAUGH) yeah that's what I
> thought! It's quite clear our government will do nothing to help this
> poor man, so I feel that some actions may need to be taken here. Or
> will I be the next one being extradited for my beliefs?!?
> Posted by: John, Kennedy | Jan 20, 08 11:58 AM
> I think the injustices that have fallen upon Mr. Emery and his friends
> are disgusting. I found it very hard to sit back and accept the things
> that I was hearing. In fact I didn't want to believe it, that our very
> own country would give up one of its fellow country men simply based
> upon the fact that Mr. Emery and his friends were selling seeds to
> America and other countries ? I wish to help Mr. Emery whether by
> rallying people to his cause or by making a political stand much like
> himself. Mr. Emery and his friends have all given up very much to help
> legalize things and get the ball rolling. But every time we start
> getting somewhere or foreign neighbors start badgering us and put an
> unfair almost to much pressure on our government so they fold and
> please the beast by feeding it its meal, a.k.a. Mr. Emery, or anyone
> else who breaks an American law in their OWN country. What Mr. Emery
> has done is not a bad thing America is just doing what it has and will
> always do they truly are the world police.
> Posted by: John, Kennedy | Jan 20, 08 11:59 AM
> Marc Emery, a Proud Canadian Political activist, thank you for the
> personal sacrifices you and your family have made in your life for our
> Rights as humans,"without borders."
> As for sending Marc Emery to the USA to be prosecuted for defending all
> citizens rights, "Why not just send our Canadian Charter of Rights and
> Freedoms, for the United States government to edit or to re-write
> meeting the American government's political adjenda?"
> Trudie Attlesey
> Tangier Canada
> Posted by: T Attlesey | Jan 20, 08 12:02 PM
> It is truly disgusting when US political agendas, and personal
> political careers over-ride "human rights
> The "current" Rule of Law does not necessarily mean that the law is
> correct. Especially given that this is prone to manipulation by
> individuals for personal political agendas, career advancement and
> personal greed.
> What is illegal yesterday, due to "personal agendas", can become legal
> without any rationale for the change ....... the term legal or illegal
> does NOT factor ethics, morality, fairness.....legality is
> subjective.....examples of change: liquor; gambling; credit card use to
> buy groceries ........ These were changes from illegal to legal by
> governments solely to line their pockets, and NOT for the benefit of
> the masses.
> Mr. Marc Emery is operating a legal business in Canada (a business that
> does no harm to anyone) and paying his fair taxes. By this virtue, the
> US Government has no rights to interfere with Canadian Citizens and
> Residents on their "flavour of the day" agendas.
> Why is Marijuana considered dangerous? ..... If that were the case, US
> corporations making weaponry are much more dangerous, and killing
> millions of innocent individuals in name of "corporate greed".
> It is a "disgrace" the Government of Canada is not protecting and
> fighting for our Citizens against the US Governments.
> If Canada does not take a stand against injustice by the US Government,
> what will happen to Canada, when the US decides they want our water? I
> guess our government will just cave-in and say to the US "help
> yourself".
> ================
> Posted by: Herika | Jan 20, 08 12:06 PM
> To think that Rob Ramage receives 4 years in jail, out in less than 2,
> for KILLING a person while drunk driving. Seed selling is allowed in
> Canada due to the many people who use marijuana as medicine for
> debilitating illnesses, cancer treatment side effects, etc. Mr. Emery's
> case is purely political, as he is the largest entity in a pro-pot
> movement. The US War On Drugs is a failure. Billions spent, thousands
> in jail. When alcohol prohibition was repealed, the violence associated
> with it, stopped.
> Legalize and regulate to keep out of the hands of people under the age
> of 19. Canada has it's own laws. Obey them and don't be pushed around
> by the USA.
> Posted by: TerryP | Jan 20, 08 12:07 PM
> The U.S. government hates pot, fine. They hate Marc for spreading the
> word, fine again. If they believe that putting him in jail will stop
> his movement or message then they should take a history lesson. What
> happened to apartheide in South Africa after Nelson Mandella went to
> jail? This will eventually make a hero out of Marc Emery, and as he
> stated on your show, "his place in history will be secure".
> The U.S. is making a strategic error in their fight against marijuana
> use.
> Posted by: Doug Markewich | Jan 20, 08 12:09 PM
> It is time that Emery's tax dollars do something for him! The Canadian
> Gov't needs to stand up for Marc Emery instead of being pushed around
> by an American agenda!
> Posted by: Anon | Jan 20, 08 12:21 PM
> No matter the results of what the US wants, we should not hand over a
> Canadian citizen to the US justice system. We should take care of our
> own citizens.
> Posted by: James Thexton | Jan 20, 08 12:25 PM
> No!
> Marc Emery should not be sent to Prison, nor should the Canadian
> government send him to the states. We have legal drugs in this country
> that are far worst than pot. I.E. alcohol. Alcohol is a drug that has
> caused far more damage to our society than pot. I would rather deal
> with a person high on pot than someone drunk on alcohol.
> Posted by: David Mac Bain | Jan 20, 08 12:27 PM
> If everyone smoked marijuanna, the world would be a BETTER place.
> Posted by: Andrew love | Jan 20, 08 12:27 PM
> The Canadian Government should not turn Marc Emery over to the
> Americans - If the Canadian Government can justify protecting AMERICAN
> Charles Ng a convicted serial killer for as long as they did - Then the
> Canadian Government had better protect their own Citizens - Marc Emery
> is no Charles Ng - I can't believe the government has even let this go
> this far. Shame on them!
> Posted by: Jayne Grootjen | Jan 20, 08 12:28 PM
> This whole anti-pot movement is downright ridiculous. Let's spend that
> money on things that matter like violent offenders, poverty, health
> care, infrastructure and people.
> Nevermind the medical advantages regarding this plant. What about the
> provincial & federal income we could all benefit from if it was
> regulated.
> The best thing to do in regards to this plant is eliminate the criminal
> aspect.
> The prohibition against marijuana is a waste of tax dollars. Resources
> better spent fighting things that truly do harm today's society.
> Posted by: Jacques L. | Jan 20, 08 12:30 PM
> HELL NO! i do not believe Mr Emery has done any thing wrong. why not
> just legalize pot and i think the world could be a better place. Lets
> remember he has not killed anyone, and as adults i would think one
> should be responsable for there self. I think as a country we should be
> telling the US take a walk and back off. Hell the mayor of Vancouver
> told the polics service to LET HIM BE, so what does this tell you. Iam
> not an advocate but i did sereve my country over seas and i think it is
> time for Canada to maybe go in the same direction as Amsterbam.
> Posted by: jeff goodwin | Jan 20, 08 12:30 PM
> the canadian government should stand behind one of there taxe paying
> canadin business men.he is harming anyone by offering them wares for
> there lifestyle.free the prince..thank you darry
> Posted by: darryl eus | Jan 20, 08 12:32 PM
> When I was 16, this guy would have been my hero. However, I think that
> his arguements are naive and selfserving. He truly has no way of
> knowing that the seeds he sold to others have in no way been involved
> in the creation of violent and/or criminal activity. He also can not
> know/say that his seed selling has never negatively impacted
> individuals, families, or communities as a whole.
> That being said, I do not believe that the government ought to be in
> partnership to incarcerate a man from whom they have knowingly
> collected taxed over a period of years for this specific enterprise.
> Posted by: Cindy Adekat | Jan 20, 08 12:32 PM
> I agree with Marc Emery... There is nothing wrong with marijuana. I'am
> a 17 year old girl and 've been smoking for seven years. It's not an
> important part of my life but it is part of my life. People are
> prosecuted for smoking something that comes form the ground and is
> natural..and yet there are people walking around smoking their
> chemically produced cigarrettes. AND drinking! it KILLS more brain
> cells than marijuana.
> Also a friend and myself have decided that celebrating 420 is wrong all
> because its HILTERS birthday. We find that it makes us ''pot'' smokers
> look evil. We are not evil or scary, we're more like Individuals. My
> friend and I believe people need to be celebrating Gandhi's birthday
> which is October 2nd... so ...10:02 everyone!
> Posted by: Sarah Gorman | Jan 20, 08 12:32 PM
> there is no bloody way that the states should have any way of even
> thinking of getting marc there privately owned jails are full of poor
> people that have only been arrested for small amounts of pot and these
> jails are making money off these poor bastards.
> Posted by: chris | Jan 20, 08 12:32 PM
> Under no cirumstances should Marc Emery be sent to the U.S. as their
> whole, so called, justice system , is run for political gain not
> actual, honest or even a factual outcome. Canada is unwise in dealing
> with the U.S. to such a great extent and would be much better off
> morally if we dealt with europe and asia more to decrease our little
> tag along position.
> Posted by: Rodney Schritt | Jan 20, 08 12:34 PM
> I completely agree with Marc Emery's comments that he is being
> politically persecuted by the United States and I feel ashamed for
> Canadians that he has not received the support from his Government and
> the public that he feels he should have.
> Alcohol is a much more damaging drug to society that marijuana.
> I say these words as a person who has not used marijuana in many years
> as a personal choice. I believe people should have the freedom to
> choose. Many a Canadian Federal Government has come close to
> decriminalizing pot, but likely has not because of the United States
> Government.
> I wish you the best of luck Marc. Your a true fighter for freedom and
> personal choice.
> Todd
> Posted by: Todd | Jan 20, 08 12:36 PM
> the canadian gov. had no ploblem taking his money fr. pot sales and i
> believe they should help him with his fight with the US gov.. the
> people should have the choose to do what they wont as long as it does
> not harm others.leave the man along, he is helping bring personnel
> chooses back to the people. he should stay in canada.
> Posted by: leslie | Jan 20, 08 12:39 PM
> I don't have any clue about illegal drugs I don't even smoke tobacco.
> However I don't think Marc Emery has done anything illegal in Canada
> since he paid his taxes and I am opposed to the USA mendling in our
> business and the Canadian government should tell this the USA. If Mr
> Emery goes to the USA then it is another issue.
> Posted by: Edward Sarafian | Jan 20, 08 12:39 PM
> Canada should be standing up for Mr. Emery. The US is persecuting Marc
> for his political activities which is clearly evident a statement made
> by the DEA. How typically Canadian that they will not stand up for the
> right thing. They have ignored Marc's activities like you say and taken
> his tax dollars. He has not killed anyone but in fact helped lots of
> people. He has not trafficked drugs in the pure sense but in a
> political sense. He has given people a choice - buy seeds and do with
> them what you wish. He has not sold people marijuanna. This is
> ludicrus. He is a Canadian citizen who has earned the right to be
> defended by his own country.
> Serving his sentence in Canada is a start but this should never
> happened at all. He is absolutely right in his words that until pot is
> legalized in the US, it never will be in the rest of the world.
> Unfortunately for the rest of the world, the US government has bought
> in to their own propaganda. Luckily for the rest of the world, they
> haven't.
> Marijuanna is not a gate-way drug. It does not kill. It is a proven
> healer/reliever when smoked in a joint. The pills that drug company's
> have come out with just don't work. It is recognized as a medication
> for certain diseases.
> I just don't understand. Cigarettes and alcohol kill. Marijuanna does
> not. When are governments going to realize that, expecially with
> cigarettes, if you make cigs illegal and marijuanna legal, you can
> still tax the pot.
> When are governments going to realize that if you decriminalize or
> legalize marijuanna, then police forces can concentrate on the killers
> like crack, crystal meth, PCP and others. The majority of pot users in
> Canada are recereational users.
> As a country of pot-users, we need to stand behind Marc Emery. We need
> to vocalize when things go wrong. He did that for us. We need to let
> our government know that Marc should not be charged in Canada nor
> should he do his time in the US.
> Posted by: Wendy | Jan 20, 08 12:40 PM
> I hope that the US arrests Emery, charges him and jails him - hard
> labour would be good!
> It's about time that Canada stopped protecting someone who is an
> embarrassment to Canadians but more than that who harms untold
> thousands by the sale of marijuana here and in the US. It would be
> great if he never gets another chance to spout in front of the cameras,
> on air or on paper - not ever! Yes, he is articulate - ARTICULATELY
> Posted by: Grace | Jan 20, 08 12:41 PM
> I hope that the US arrests Emery, charges him and jails him - hard
> labour would be good!
> It's about time that Canada stopped protecting someone who is an
> embarrassment to Canadians but more than that who harms untold
> thousands by the sale of marijuana here and in the US. It would be
> great if he never gets another chance to spout in front of the cameras,
> on air or on paper - not ever! Yes, he is articulate - ARTICULATELY
> Posted by: Grace | Jan 20, 08 12:42 PM
> Canadian authorities practically ignored his activities and taxed his
> profits from selling marijuana seeds.
> I am surprised to learn the 'NEW' Conservative Governments war on drugs
> includes taxing the proceeds of crime.
> They won't waste anytime with the extradiction.
> The 'NEW' Conservative Government is predictable when is comes to the
> USA., they always do what they are told. Right or Wrong.
> Posted by: Don Legere | Jan 20, 08 12:45 PM
> Why should any man have to suffer so severley for something that most
> of the world has already accepted. Marijuana is a non leathel natural
> substance. Clearley, the only ones that do not want to legalize
> marijuana are those that are affraid they won't be able to monitor the
> taxation of such an easily produced popular substance. I think it is
> discusting,that any Nation or People could allow men and woman to
> actually be put in prison for the use of a God given natural and
> enlightened substance that has only proved to help people. I wish the
> best for Mark Emery. And I a non-pot smoking citizen hopes that the
> Government of our Nations US and CA will reconsider this immoral act of
> persecuting an activist for freedom. After all, didn't America win her
> independence with these same type of Activist for freedom.
> Posted by: Correy Gordon | Jan 20, 08 12:46 PM
> I completely agree with Marc Emery's comments that he is being
> politically persecuted by the United States and I feel ashamed for
> Canadians that he has not received the support from his Government and
> the public that he feels he should have.
> Alcohol is a much more damaging drug to society that marijuana.
> I say these words as a person who has not used marijuana in many years
> as a personal choice. I believe people should have the freedom to
> choose. Many a Canadian Federal Government has come close to
> decriminalizing pot, but likely has not because of the United States
> Government.
> I wish you the best of luck Marc. Your a true fighter for freedom and
> personal choice.
> Todd
> Posted by: Todd | Jan 20, 08 12:46 PM
> Want drugs ,just go to your local 7/11 its full of drugs, Cola
> ,slurpee,smokes,nitrates,chemicals galore.If you add up all the drugs
> and chemicals in the available products I am sure you will lose count.
> Posted by: EDWIN | Jan 20, 08 12:51 PM
> If our Canadian goverment can feel obliged to take tax dollars from
> this mans business then they should have the balls to support the
> person they are taking the money from. If they cannot help in this
> wrongful doing then give back all the tax dollars
> so he can properly defend himself against a country that likes to
> declare war on anything and everything they possibley can. Who is it
> our goverment is looking out for themselves and the U.S or the real
> Canadain people?
> >From a very concerned and confused CANADIAN!
> Posted by: chris | Jan 20, 08 12:53 PM
> Marc has focused on trying to draw attention to and resolving the
> hypocracy of drug and alcohol laws that condem marijuana will condoning
> alcohol. Marc has recognised that the hysteria around marijuana has
> less to do with facts or actual harm to society and more to do with
> prejudical moral beliefs.
> North American's have forgotten the lessons of prohibition. Imagine how
> Canadian's would respond today if alcohol was prohibited again and
> people were told they would no longer be able to drink beer, wine or
> spirits. By making marijuana illegal the government is creating the
> conditions in which criminal gangs and organised crime can control the
> market and flurish. Legalising marijuana would make the trade safer for
> producers and consumers. Also imagine the tax revenue that could be
> generated and the incomes that could be made if farmers could could
> grow marijuana in a legal and regulated manner.
> Marc has been made a scapegoat by a US government that refuses to
> acknowledge that the "war on drugs" is a failure. It is time for the US
> and Canada to try a new approach to drug laws that would be inclusive
> of people who chose to use drugs.
> Posted by: M | Jan 20, 08 12:54 PM
> You go Emery! Never, never, never give up.
> Posted by: Marguerite Groat | Jan 20, 08 01:04 PM
> Canada should not hand over Marc Emery. The USA should not be able to
> impose their archaic drug war on Canadian Citizens. Marc has done
> nothing wrong, and should not plead guilty. He was running a legal
> business in Canada and paying taxes. The two employees they're using as
> blackmail, to get him to plead guilty is virtually using terrorist
> tactics. It's sickening that Canada is going along with this, Since
> Harper won't tell ya , I will, USA Drug war terrorists go home. Leave
> Marc and other Law abiding Canadians alone.
> Posted by: Maude Duncan | Jan 20, 08 01:13 PM
> This looks like political persecution on both sides of the border.
> What does it say about our sovereignty as a nation when we submit to
> the bidding of the USA on an issue of a victimless crime. The USA
> government is prepared to send Emery to jail for life for committing a
> victimless crime, where as they deal with murderers and corporate
> executives, who rip off the shareholders, on a much more lenient way.
> Our government should have the courage to tell uncle Sam that we are
> capable of dealing with these issues on our own.
> Here is one more reason why our conservative government can not be
> trusted to do what the majority of the voters want. The Harper
> government will never win a majority if they follow the US conservative
> line of thinking.
> Marc Emery is to be commended for his stand as he fights for what he
> believes in, we could all learn from that.
> Posted by: Jori | Jan 20, 08 01:15 PM
> I find this case very interesting Mr. Mark Emery selling a mind
> altering product marijuana seeds from his business.I watch the
> commercials by the Canadian and American goverments on TV that states
> drinking can cause rapes, assalts, and many deaths from drunk
> driving.So quite obviously alcohol is a mind altering substance.I'm
> sure the research proves alcohol causes far more deaths and damage to
> society than marijuana and millions in costs both social and financial
> to taxpayers. Maybe they should be taking the CEO's and Owners from
> alcohol producing companies to court giving them prison sentences for
> supplying citizens mind altering products. Where do we draw the line.
> Health stores are selling mind altering drugs [Legal] as the CBC news
> announced the other night and Pharmacies also sell mind altering drugs
> [Legal] that affect citizens in different manners.
> So why aren't our goverments after these major business CEO's and
> Owners, possibly the millons in tax based revenue their collecting off
> them.
> Is Mr Mark Emery a criminal? I believe he is if the goverments of our
> countries also acknowledge that all CEO's and Owners of companies
> producing mind alternating products are also criminals.
> Posted by: Steve Saunders | Jan 20, 08 01:15 PM
> Your interviewer missed the key point in her interview with Mark Emery.
> Mr Emery has chosen to violate American laws as he sent marijuana seeds
> to customers in the US. He deliberately and repeatedly broke US laws.
> Now he is complaining of the "injustice" of the Americans pursuing him
> through the courts. Mr Emery by his own admission broke American laws
> and is now complaining about his fate. Sorry Mr Emery, you made the
> choice, now be man enough to face the consequences. You are looking to
> be a weasel.
> Posted by: Robert L Hawkins | Jan 20, 08 01:18 PM
> the Canadian government profited from this business of marc's, so
> should they not be as guilty then, extradite them all.
> Posted by: Jeff Houlton | Jan 20, 08 01:19 PM
> I dont think he should be handed over to the u.s. I think we should
> make him priminister. Marc emery for pm
> Posted by: fred | Jan 20, 08 01:24 PM
> Marc Emery is NOT a criminal. (nor are the thousands of people who have
> been jailed wrongly because of unethical marijuana laws)
> It was a big mistake (both scientifically and socially) to make
> marijuana illegal to begin with. The PEOPLE of Canada recognize this
> but the government of Canada lacks the 'political will' (a common
> euphemism for lack of respect for the electorate).
> The American government is so dug in on its very inappropriate 'war on
> drugs' that it can't see just how much their 'war' is damaging their
> own society and many other societies that they have coerced into having
> similar antiquated misguided drug-laws.
> Posted by: Colin | Jan 20, 08 01:24 PM
> The hysteria over 9-11, and our need to placate every fearful whim that
> America's come up with is over. I think that we can safely stand up for
> one of our citizens; especially one with as well a reasoned argument as
> Marc Emery's.
> Posted by: marko1965 | Jan 20, 08 01:28 PM
> if marc emery is handed over to the united states it will only show how
> canada as a government has absolutly no backbone when it comes to
> standing up the united states. if this does take place it will be and
> should be very disappointing to all canadians regardless of their
> standpoint on the issue
> Posted by: Greg Walsh | Jan 20, 08 01:28 PM
> I feel that the US government is making Marc a political fall guy for
> their own archaic pot laws. Selling seeds on the internet is similar to
> selling hops to countries where alcohol is illegal. No one forced these
> people in the US to buy the seeds therefore the buyers should also be
> facing life sentences. Also, the Canadian and BC government by taxing
> Marc owe it to him to protect him from cruel and unusual punishment for
> legally offering these items for sale.
> Posted by: Steve | Jan 20, 08 01:28 PM
> I am an old square but when it comes to Marc Emery - I feel strongly
> that the Canadian Government should not turn him over to the U.S. on
> drug trafficking charges. I have witnessed a young woman who is
> extremely ill and near death who cannot eat without vomitting minutes
> after and who cannot at times even have a drink of water without
> getting sick; and once in a while have a couple of tokes and my God -
> when doing that she actually hold down her food for several hours
> before getting sick and guess what - the nutrition she is getting in
> her body is so much better for her than losing is 10 minutes later.
> I say - leave Marc Emery alone.
> Posted by: mojo | Jan 20, 08 01:28 PM
> I think if we (the Canadian people/gov't) send Marc Emery to the US we
> have handed over a little independence as a country with our own laws.
> He was arrested because of a DEA investigation for something that in
> Canada wasn't
> an issue for us. It is insame for us to hand him over so easily. It's
> the old adage-"First they came for "insert persecuted party here" and I
> did nothing..."
> Posted by: Betty | Jan 20, 08 01:30 PM
> Marc Emery forgets the effect of smoking pot.
> Remember that turkey in the cement truck in Calgary? That idiot didn't
> even see the car in front of him that stopped for the red light.
> That driver had to be stoned to do such a horrible thing. That could
> well be the reason those people died.
> Posted by: Don Down | Jan 20, 08 01:31 PM
> as a heavy mj smoker, hard worker and family man that pays all his
> taxes,i am afraid for my kids future when the USA can take a tax paying
> Canadian citizen and remove his rights and we as Canadians can do
> nothing to stop it.
> Posted by: mathew | Jan 20, 08 01:31 PM
> I think the so called prince of Pot should go to jail . This man is
> clearly breaking the laws of the US . The canadian government for years
> has turned a blind eye to what he has done to taunt it. I say you break
> the law no matter who you are you should be made to pay .If we don't
> gave enough backbone to do it let the US justus system handle it .
> Posted by: Dave Patterson | Jan 20, 08 01:32 PM
> If Mr. Emery's commercial activities were considered illegal, why
> Canadian fiscal authorities perceived taxes and our legal system did
> not do anything about it? Since Mr. Emery is a Canadian citizen why has
> to be handed to the U.S. ? Aren't we capable of handling our own
> affairs? I find our government totally hypocritical and dangerously
> submissive towards U.S. policies.
> Posted by: Peter Baimacos | Jan 20, 08 01:37 PM
> Posted by: patrickfarsfield | Jan 20, 08 01:39 PM
> Is it bad? Is it good? Is it legal? Canadian authorities will be
> manipulated agian by US polititians ultimatly shaping Canadian policies
> regarding this undefined issue, leading to time served in Canada at the
> cost of some "bully" kind of legal ammendment we will now have for the
> US to access any other political advocate seeking political refuge.
> Posted by: Steve Muise | Jan 20, 08 01:43 PM
> I feel that the Canadian gov't should by no means hand Marc Emery over
> to the U.S.
> This sounds very much like a political act on the U.S. gov't behalf and
> I truly hope that Canada will stand up and not be bullied.
> The fact that authorities have turned a blind eye to his activities for
> years, and now suddenly because the U.S. doesn't like it, we now have
> to set an example of him.
> I will be ashamed of Canada if we succume to the U.S.'s bullyism.
> If he has to be prosecuted, it should only happen here in Canada.
> Posted by: Liana Beaudry | Jan 20, 08 01:43 PM
> Posted by: patrickfarsfield | Jan 20, 08 01:45 PM
> This is obviously another attempt of our friends south of the border to
> manipulate and coherse and quite honestly shut up the people who
> continually strive to fight causes so that citizens all over the world
> maybe properly informed. The fact is there are many companies selling
> marijuana seeds. One only has to look at any marijuana culture magazine
> found in any corner/variety store and browse seed companies from all
> over the world, let alone looking online! Can any American citizen
> order from these companies ? I think so(18 years and older), is the
> U.S. government going after those individuals and companies as well ?
> How many pending cases do they have or arrests from Dutch authorites
> from companies selling to the U.S. ? for example.
> thankyou
> Posted by: david | Jan 20, 08 01:46 PM
> I am appalled at our government. If they do not object to Mr. Emery's
> extradition, does this mean that the CRA is complicit in this so called
> crime by taking Marc Emery's income tax all these years? Then, America
> should also charge the Minister of Revenue. This "case" proves that
> Harper and his cronies have given up Canada's sovereignty to America.
> Michel Lamy
> Vancouver, BC
> P.S. No. I'm not biased. I don't even smoke pot.
> Posted by: Michel Lamy | Jan 20, 08 01:47 PM
> I think it is a travesty that Emery is being pursecuted for standing up
> for an ideology that is shared by so many North Americans. In my mind,
> Emery is trying to take the criminal aspect out of marijuana use by
> giving us North Americans an alternative to buying pot off the streets
> or through illegal drug operations. It's a shame that there aren't more
> articulate, professional citizens like Mark who are willing to stand up
> and fight for such a cause. I know that I would voice my right
> to use marijuana if I was not afraid of the reprocussions involved. I
> work with
> children for a profession and any blemish on my record would jeprodize
> my career. I feel this is the problem with the fight for legalized
> marijuana. Most of the people who are willing to stand up for our fight
> are those who have nothing to lose and nothing but time on their hands.
> Here
> in Victoria, some people have started what they call the pot parade,
> protesting the pursecution of marijuana users. I have to say, you will
> never see a more motley crew
> of representatives. Until there are a large group of professional
> representatives like myself, and other civil servants who will risk
> their positions to fight this cause, the fight for marijunana will
> never progress, leaving those like Mark Emery hung out to dry.
> Posted by: Blake | Jan 20, 08 01:48 PM
> RE: Canebus Seads
> I purposely miss-spelled the heading (After all: Mr. Cheney is watching
> me), but I will say this:
> Don't allow my country, which is filled with rapture obsessed
> (jack-booted) Christians, intimidate you into sending your citizens
> into our "injustice" and prison systems.
> Canada, please stand up to the 1,000 lb gorilla sleeping next to you.
> Times have changed. We need you more than you need the USA.
> I implore you to apply your new-found economic leverage ... we will blink
> this time.
> Randy Opheim
> Posted by: Randy Opheim (Seattle, WA, USA) | Jan 20, 08 01:48 PM
> I think the answer to the question, "Should Canada hand him over?" can
> easily be answered by another question which "Is Canada a sovereign
> country?". After all he's a citizen of Canada. Do we ask the US to send
> its citizens, those who sell the guns to Toronto street gangs and
> criminals, to Canada to face jail time? As most people are aware
> American justice is not at all about justice but a political padding
> for ambitious prosecutors, hoping to run for higher office in the
> future. Without our fear of economic backlash from the vindictive
> American politicians would we even be contemplating this? Citizens of
> Canada should expect better protection from their government when face
> with such threats from those whom justice means less than the actual
> meaning of the word.
> Posted by: Ron Parson | Jan 20, 08 01:48 PM
> This whole case is ridiculous! Marc Emery is not a criminal - he is a
> political activist (I vote Marijuana Party myself), and a shining light
> in the fight to legalize marijuana. As far as I'm concerned, the
> American government is persecuting him to the detriment of both our
> countries. Why they don't chose to spend their budgets attacking &
> prosecuting true criminals is beyond me. Marijuana is an HERB - it's
> not cocaine, heroin, or even alcohol (all of which are highly
> processed, mind-altering substances). Marijuana is a natural remedy,
> useful for many common ailments - back pain, depression, chemotherapy
> relief - all of these things are alleviated by the use of marijuana.
> Maridol, anyone?
> Our Canadian government should certainly step in to inform the US that
> they CANNOT have Mr Emery, and that they (the US) need to stop forcing
> their skewed political & justice system on the rest of the worl


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