[Ibogaine] Vaccine for drug addiction could offer hope to users - Yahoo! News

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yeah, no no fun club is at it again.this whole "clockwork orange' approach seems near and dear to these jerk offs, it never ends.this was one of two reasons why they legalized and institutionalized METHADONE.The other reason being the crime rate.They really pushed the idea that METHADONE has a blocking affect against HEROIN.Then came BUPE or SUBUTEX ect... which is a somewhat more effective blocker (untill you figure out how to doge that bullet as well)and now a straight up "DRUG VACCINE) the common thread being no free will involved with the stopping of drug use.Even though TOBACCO causes more death and destruction then all illegal drugs combined, COCAINE is the stated priority.I think THEY really just want this stuff to stop WEED.The old fascist dream. Adam

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 This  has  been  around  since  the  late  1990s,  with  2  different  vaccines, 
one  eats  the  drug  before  it  can  take  effect,  the  other  merely  blocks  the 
brain/blood  barrier  so  there  is  no  mental  sensation  of  getting  high, 
which  means  you  can  totally  OD  and  not  have  any  fun.

Wonder  why  it's  taken  this  long  to  get  to  the  trial  stage  with  either  of 


Notice  the  sloppy  reporting  lack  of  an  Ibo  mention.
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