[Ibogaine] suboxone

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Tue Dec 30 21:48:31 EST 2008

i coulnt... the minium i could take and keep the flight or flight response
away was 2mg and i tried damn hard.... i finally asked my doc for some
neurontin and some xanax to help me get off and that didnt cut it.. i had to
go the ibogaine route and it was still pretty hard for a couple weeks....
the only reason i made it is becaus of the xanax.. i had such horrible
anxiety when i quit.... horrible.... nothing would get rid of it, running
two miles a day helped a bit, but i was still super, super jumpy and
anxious...couldnt sleep etc.... my personal expierence was it was hell.. ive
had friends who did good with it and succeded in getting off opiates with it
and quitting it with no problems.. me, i had a hell of a time... also i got
horrible depression with the sub... ive heard the oppisite, but for me it
caused really bad depression...
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