[Ibogaine] suboxone

simon loxton simonloxton at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Dec 30 10:18:18 EST 2008

I have heard similar accounts; being the same if not more difficult to get off than Methadone. It seems as with Methadone you can get your dose way down low but kicking; even the final 2mg; is hell. Nasty nasty...

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in my opinion sub is super hard to get off of... its right up there with methadone..... nasty.... i think its a horrible drug, but thats my opinion... ive had other peopel tell me it helped them... so i couldnt rightly say..

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I just dont know anything about subjoin and I was hoping on some input on some peoples personal use with it and how hard it was to get off of it successfully without the use of ibogain. Maybe how severe the w/d symptoms were and how long they lasted. That's the kind of impute I'm looking for so, any will be appreciated.
Thanks, Mike

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Feedback on what Mike?

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Subject: [Ibogaine] suboxone

After over 4 years of being off of heroin, I ended back on it for a short time. (45 days). Because of limited options I am now taking 24mgs of suboxone a day. Though I believe that I know more than the average bear about opiates, suboxone is one particular drug I am completely unfamiliar with. I'm sure that many from the list have used this avenue and I'm open to any and all feedback. Thanks!!!

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