[Ibogaine] genome project OT

Randy Faulconer bicuitboy714 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 07:54:53 EST 2008

          I'd say that the people in Iceland are pretty healthy too, what
with eating all of the fish oil and such. Just a guess on my part.

      As for colonising space, wonder how much Viagra they would take with
them. Cause you know procreating would be very important. Where do I sign
up?? Wouldn't it be cool to have sex in a no gravity situation?? That rule
that every action has a like reaction might create a few problems though.

       I tell ya what though, I'd sure like to ride in that space ship I was
in when I took the big flood dose. Man that was cool.

          Peace Love and collective knowledge

On Sat, Dec 27, 2008 at 11:55 AM, simon loxton <simonloxton at yahoo.co.uk>wrote:

>  http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/biotech/iceland/
> There is only one project which is ongoing so i am sure all the information
> will be there. Other than the dopamine 4 he also discovered some thing that
> allowed an individual to drink as much coffee as they pleased; another that
> they recovered quicker from a physical workout. These were all things he
> found in mapping the human genome among others.
> The interesting thing about iceland is they have a pristine gene pool.
> Recently in another study based on survival in space they found it would
> only take a group of 100 to successfully colonise a new environment. This
> would mean fifty couples or a few lucky individuals which they found dealt
> with stress and being confined for such a long time much easier to deal
> with.
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