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Fri Dec 26 19:40:30 EST 2008

Guess I lost my list on the other email.  Its what I get for trying to
switch everything over before the mindvox switch.

 Hmmm gonna look into the Serofin, I'm on the old fashioned St. J, But i've
noticed even with that Its a much lower dose that is recommended. If I take
too much I just feel....hmmm...evil :)  I believe its the bipolar thing
'they' accuse me of....
Anyhow, Fish Oil, Flax and the Omega 3, 6, 9, blends.  Remember High doses
starting at least 3 grams a day.  I take 3 to 5 usually depending on how
much i feel like swallowing.
I usually do 3 fish (omega3) 1 flax (3,6,9).  Grand total of 4600mg per day.
The studies are out there if of intrest. Very good for mood stabilization
and MDD.
its only 1.5 cents worth of info though...
Peace and elevated mood

 On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 6:56 AM, Matthew Zielinski <
masterhermesbathory at gmail.com> wrote:

> try "serofin" by new chapter...the only super critical extraction of st
> johns wort on the market....and fish oils for sure!!
> all the best my friend :-)
> Matt
>   On 12/16/08, junkboy <junkboy64 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> ive been on anti depressants for my whole adult life (im now 33) and ive
>> been anti depressant free for over a month maybe two...
>> i credit it with two things... one is quitting smoking, drinking and
>> opiates. and doing  ibogaine...
>> it may have been that just quitting the substances would of relieved the
>> depression but i needed some help quitting all them. thats where the
>> ibogaine came in... or ibogaine may have helped to reset my brain (i think
>> thats true), but thats my expierence..
>> lee
>> On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 10:02 AM, Edward A. Weissbard <
>> edward.escs at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> What a trial it has been getting off Effexor XR(Venlafaxine) and
>>> Wellburtrin(Buproprion)!  The withdrawal effecst are pretty nasty, and I
>>> decided that the medication is overall......EVIL!!!!!  Seriously, the
>>> only benefit I found from the scripts are a less irritable mood and a
>>> little more overall energy.  I just seems like SSRI's(Selective
>>> Serotonin Ruptake Inhibitors) and DRI's(Dopamine Ruptake Inhibitors) are
>>> over prescribed.  I don't doubt the benefit gained for a good number of
>>> people, but I believe I'm at a point where I'm looking for a more
>>> "natural", god given solution.  I Was taking scripts for Depression and
>>> Compulsive behaviors that at times became destructive to me and my
>>> family(Especially when Alcohol came to my lips).  I really hope to
>>> partake in an Ibo treatment/experience by next year and hopefully gain
>>> some additional emotional and spiritual balance.  In the mean time I
>>> think 5-HTP, Kava Kava(One of my best friends) some Physical Activity
>>> and Supplements will be my close friends.  Any other "natural"
>>> recommendations are welcome!
>>> Peace
>>> --
>>> Edward
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