[Ibogaine] where's preston?

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Poppy tea is DEFINITELY addictive!  It's just the same opium in it's basic form.  In fact, you are getting ALL the alkaloids, and get (physically) addicted to all of them (morphine, codeine, thebain, etc.)  I've been there, (addicted) altho the detox was rather easy by just substituting prescription opiates.  Poppy tea highs (from the bulbs) last much longer than pills, which is nice but makes the detox more like a methadone detox.
This is just my experience, but I've used poppy tea for several years off and on, and the only time I've ever almost od'd from opiates was with it.  It's a bit iffy because you never exactly know the strength of each bulb.  

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I'll answer that one tomorrow.... 
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Do you think that maybe doing a large amount of it, would be better? I'm talking like making a tea from like 7 of the dried bulbs? 
You did poppy seed, though. Preston would tell me about making tea from the bulbs, and having a rather swell time with it, something I tried later and it seemed to work. 

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Hi CC,
As someone who lives in a country with limited resources for hard drugs, I have been addicted to and detoxed from Poppy Seed tea.  Just as nasty as coming off methadone.  Was a cheap maintanence drug though......
Kirk :o)
. From what I've understood, pure poppy, all by itself is non-addictive, correct? I'm talking about the actual opium bulb, boiled into a tea. It's when you start synthesizing it in a labratory that we get all the damn trouble.

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im so glad that someone is helping~~ sending hugs, light and kitty cat love (I have 4 kittens and a mommy) im sure he is missing his cats...
specializing in honda and yamaha motorcycle parts 1960-1989. if you need anything call or email, we can get any part you need. new, and used, even if the part is obsolete.
if someone you love is addicted to something (heroin, cocaine, meth, ect), google ibogaine.... its worth your time..... i promise....

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He's on hiatus in the southwest mountains, learnin' how to chill out a little. Things were getting a little out of hand so I offered him some space to sort it all out.He's doing much better. I'm going to drag him to a computer sometime next week to get in touch with y'all.Phillip
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Was wondering this myself recently.  Thought someone else would have responded to this by now too.

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Everything's up and running again, and his email box is full, overquota. Someone mentioned something about not being able to reach him. Wonder what's up. If I have to go into the spiritual realm for this, lemme know now. It's a full moon, good time for flying. Anyone know what's up?




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