[Ibogaine] Question about this list & a random thought

Fri Sep 28 22:28:31 EDT 2007

nope, it doesn't edit out any fuck works, or shit words or any asshole words, tho I have heard a ton of asshole words..... hmmm I doubt it filters anything...
btw....  this summer I went with a friend to Morrisey concert.. it was sad... we were so embarressed for him, we left and went to a movie.... his music was good, it was just that he still thought he was a good looking, in shape guy... the back fat when he took off his shirt and was trying to act sexy, really made me feel bad for him... he would of done better to just sing fully clothed and not try to be sexy... those days are past... so to make it about ibogaine and such, remember everyone, to let the past go and go with today... according to a shrink I saw a couple years ago when I w\as really fucked up and not doing any work with the shrink, its living in the today that we are striving for...... my problem is I cant look into the future..... I thought I would be dead by now, so I have a really hard time planning for the future, like saving money and such..... anyway, ive got to go and hang with my daughter... I just felt like sitting here and rambleing along....... 
j' zunkster

specializing in honda and yamaha motorcycle parts 1960-1989. if you need anything call or email, we can get any part you need. new, and used, even if the part is obsolete.

if someone you love is addicted to something (heroin, cocaine, meth, ect), google ibogaine.... its worth your time..... i promise....
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  I've tried to post a message to this list a few times and it just won't do it.
  Does this list filter out "dirty words"?

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