[Ibogaine] Question about this list

Phillip Fiuty phillipfiuty at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 28 21:04:23 EDT 2007

I've been trying to post a message to this list but it just won't go.
Does the list filter out "dirty words"?

From: phillipfiuty at hotmail.com
To: ibogaine at mindvox.com
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 18:26:03 -0500
Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] where's preston?

He's on hiatus in the southwest mountains, learnin' how to chill out a little. Things were getting a little out of hand so I offered him some space to sort it all out.
He's doing much better. I'm going to drag him to a computer sometime next week to get in touch with y'all.

From: Matt at ITSupport.net
To: ibogaine at mindvox.com
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 07:16:40 -0600
Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] where's preston?

Was wondering this myself recently. 
Thought someone else would have responded to this by now too.


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Sent: Wednesday, September 26,
2007 4:51 PM

To: Vox; drugwar; The Ibogaine

Subject: [Ibogaine] where's


Everything's up and running again, and his email box is full,
overquota. Someone mentioned something about not being able to reach him.
Wonder what's up. If I have to go into the spiritual realm for this, lemme know
now. It's a full moon, good time for flying. Anyone know what's up?





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