[Ibogaine] Rock Star (Take Two)

Phillip Fiuty phillipfiuty at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 28 20:57:27 EDT 2007

I had attempted to send this message to the list back on Sept. 10thwhen
my wife and I first got back from Burning Man, but it never made the
list. I am still curious about what happened to me there and if anyone
has any comment.
now sort of in the post-post-ibogaine depression, but I'm still off the
fuckin' suboxone and off the bull-chips and crapolla that followed in
its wake. I'm approaching the length of time I stayed clear after my
first treatment, only this time I'm feeling a whole lot more solid and
using dope just isn't presenting itself as an option... a huge relief
in and of itself. Especially surviving the 'lack of sleep' freaking out
and letting my natural rhythm re-form. I'm definitely not trippin'
anymore, but the dull realities of La La Land haven't sent me screaming
into the warm, gray clouds to try and hide some more. Even after a
couple of major blow-outs with my wife (which have actually brought us
closer together), getting high on dope and speed and whatever have only
crept into my brain as an after thought...and a kind of humorous one at
I've put on about twenty pounds since I've been back. About fifteen more and I'll be back up to my normal weight (175).
of all, my crazy ex and my husband-in-law have responded favorably to
whatever is going on in my aura. After two years of non-stop bull
shit they've decided to return my half of custody of my daughter (today
is her sixth birthday).

> >Subject: Rock Star> >Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 16:29:06 -0500> >
> >I just got back from 9 days at the Burning Man Festival... and boy, did it 
> >suck. I mean, 50 thousand freaks, thousands of naked women, free food drugs 
> >and booze...and all kinda shit blowin' up. Oh yeah, and the art and 
> >art-cars and shit. I wouldn't recommend it to ANYONE.
> >
> >So, I have had an extremely interesting turn of events while living in Black 
> >Rock City and I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences.
> >After loosing another round of bullshit with my ex last November-December, 
> >I agreed to get back on fuckin' suboxone last January. This, of course, led 
> >to me acquiring a great chip on my shoulder, which, in turn, led to a chip 
> >'round the bupe hobby.
> >
> >Well, as only a truly professional dope-fiend could do, I tricked myself 
> >into arriving flat-dab in the middle of the Nevada 
> >most-inhospitable-place-on earth desert with no bupe, no dope, no speed, no 
> >nuthin' so I could burn it with the man. I did take advantage of the 
> >seeming abundance of psychedelics falling from the sky in the general 
> >direction of my mouth (much love to the dead-head camp around the corner 
> >from our camp and those luscious margarita-25's made by those luscious 
> >young half dressed hippie girls in their magic blender...***?!), and something unsuspectingly 
> >wonderful transpired. Every time I started to trip, I would feel the 
> >specific effects of which ever chemical I supposedly ingested for about 
> >half an hour, then suddenly fast-forward into total ibo-space... like I 
> >would have to stop whatever I thought I was doing and curl up into a ball, 
> >or go inside my tent and lay down because I
> >was no longer 'of this world'. Instead, I found myself with the electric 
> >green electro-plasmatic dijeree-doo playing doctors working over my nervous 
> >system.
> >
> >No small irony that I found myself in this condition about 75 yards from 
> >the Man the night they torched him for real, and this year's theme was 'the 
> >green man' and the man was, in fact, green.
> >
> >Anyway, I have been in hyper nor-ibogaine land since early last Tuesday 
> >morning when Monday's margarita-25 finally wore off in some dumpy casino in 
> >Fallen, Nevada. No hole pokin', no bupe, no dope or speed, two hours sleep 
> >a night max, but I'm not exhausted... no circles under my eyes, I'm eating 
> >like 50 pounds of food a day, got the hyper digestion thing happenin', as 
> >well as the infectious hyper enthusiasm I'm still-trippin' let's save the world 
> >full tilt boogie thing going on (and my wife an I have bridged all kinds of 
> >head-ache bullshit and my sex drive hasn't been this charged since I was 17 or something).
> >
> >It's fuckin' great! And I thought I was gonna have to suffer and shit. 
> >There were a couple of times I was out there by myself and left my body to 
> >work with the docs and woke up crashing my bike into camp with no idea what 
> >the hell happened or why my bike or my ankle was broken, but that's sort of 
> >a burn off the demons tradition for me...riding my bike into the broad side 
an RV behind Herculean quantities of alcohol on the second orthird day.
Disappearing into Ibo-land is a little more intense than adrunken
crash...I remember the sides of the RV's behind the alcohol. Idon't
remember anything from my bike riding Ibo-dips.
> >
> >I haven't taken any ibogaine since last January, so imagine my surprise. Has 
> >anyone else ever experienced this? Have an explanation? I mean, it makes 
> >perfect sense to me (command pathways and such), but I am curious as hell.
> >
> >Oh, and my first ever nick-name... ROCK STAR. Why? 'Cause I party like a rock star 
> >according to my camp mates (mere mortals, I might add). We set up a humongous tricked out mini version 
> >of the Cambodian jungle temples.
> >'Camp Wat?' I will post some pictures soon if anyone is interested. I'm glad 
> >to feel myself among the living again, though finding my ass with both 
> >hands here in La-La land feels a little like a rip.
> >
> >It is good to be back with no bricks in the ole' back-pack.
> >
> >Rock Star
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