[Ibogaine] IBO Booster reaction...

Capt Kirk captkirknz at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 28 19:05:08 EDT 2007

ah yeh sorry, forgot you wierdo Ahmerrycans do things different (I mean geez, putting the month before the day in the date sequence? This is not logical, Captain.......!!!)
That CRP test, according to my doc is pretty vague cos it doesn't tell you a helluva lot cept something might be going on.....so your doc probly wasn't sure what he was looking for either... seems to be just an indicator of viral infections.... any docs wanna clarify on this please feel free!  Cracks me up when you get blood test results from a Doc and they go off on a "your CRP is up, your DDT is normal and your PPL, your 245T and your Double L Purple Cell count is 5.001!!!!!!"   Yehh man we all went to med school too!!!!!!
anyway, when jase treated me back in feb 2006 it was about 18-20 mg/kg and i was about 63kg? my brian cell is struggling to recall exact details......and nope wasn't sick at all..took ginger capsules before each dose.  then i did a booster in august 2006 of 1.2 gms.......was sick once after having to move to go to the dunny (that's bathroom to youse ammerrykins) so taking a mere 200 mgs and getting such a clean out seemed odd......no jasen this time round though, he seems to have dropped off the earth, I've written to aimee and asked wattup..... haven't heard yet. Hope all is ok.....Maybe him and Preston got taken by Aliens?
so yeh, my crp was steadily rising and now it's dropped.  who knows why?  I'm going to talk to someone about about another mastectomy cos i feel like I got excess baggage now!!!! It's messing with my neck. The size difference is huge!  wierd.  I would imagine alot of woman would get this done....I'll find out next week anyway....
stay tooned..
kirk xxx

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         Hey Kirky, I had to look up CRP and Paracetamol to know for sure what the hell youzzz's talking about. I had a blood test done about 3 months ago and the doc told me my CRP was normal. I didn't know for sure what he was looking for but I think I know why he was interested in my CRP now. I was interested in whether or not my Hep C had come back and if I had Lymes disease. Negative on both of those and my CRP was normal. I'm glad your CRP has normalized too. The Paracetamol is what we call Acetaminophen here. Nasty stuff in my opinion. I try and avoid it whenever I can and take Ibuprofen for pain when it gets bad. They keep jabbing me with needles in the spine to try and alleviate my back pain to no avail so far. Well, maybe it did a little bit of good the last time, but it's hard to tell. 
        I've been playin' with my calculator and trying to guess your weight. I figure Jasen gave you a 3 mg. per kg. booster, that would make you weigh...................naaaaa I'm guessin' that he gave you a little over 3 per kg. That shouldn't have made you real sick like that. How did you react to the test dose when you first did your treatment? Did you get sick on the test dose? Just curious. 
    Stay Good Grrrl.
  Peace Love and Kiwi's

On 9/28/07, Capt Kirk <captkirknz at yahoo.co.uk> wrote: 
Test result for CRP........back to normal.........coinkydink or ibo influenced?????

Just bin pondering it.....I'm waiting to hear back from blood tests which I did 6 days after as my CRP has been slowly creeping up .... usually indicating some kind of infection or something going on....bit of a needle in the haystack test really......I'm curious if the clean out may have stablised the CRP...... will call doc tomorrow and ask...... 
Cheers oh wise ones...
Kirk :o)-~~~~~~~~@

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