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people keep talking about a "spiritual side" of people... I know I once felt something, but it seems to have gotten squashed down so far that I cant find it... I need to find that spiritual sense that I should have and that I remember feeling right after my initiation,but I could n0t hold to that feeling... any ideas of how to open up to the spiritual. in order to survive childhood I had to close that part off (that’s the feeling I have) but as I don’t remember much of my childhood, im not sure.... im just trying to find balance, and I know im missing the spiritual part of myself.... Its part of the big hole I like to feed drugs to....
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  I've never jived with the idea that spirituality is something separate, something you can do or not do, as opposed to being  a way of understanding- like physics lets us understand life from a mechanistic/energetic perspective, but it doesn't require our intent or wearing a lab coat to be relevant. Eating, sleeping, talking or shitting all have a physical, biological, social or spiritual dimension, or can be understood from any of these angles, doesn't mean any one of them is any more or less "angle" than another. So even being a junky, as I hope most here have come to understand, has a spiritual dimension and a spiritual purpose. 
  To become a teenager, it was not required to despise childhood.

  Peace out!

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