[Ibogaine] Ibogaine Synthesis (and a question)

Carlton B hokkaidocrow at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 19:15:43 EDT 2007

On 9/27/07, Douglas Fraser <doug_fraser at microcinema.com> wrote:
> so what's the difference between a junky (or having the attitude of one)
> and "spiritual use"?  You can call whatever an "entheogen" all you want,
> but if you're still an asshole after coming down, you haven't learned
> anything

I don't think it's really that simple, I think it's very rare for
someone to perceive the whole "truth" in an experience, and difficult
to retain everything experienced for long durations.  And some people
may be hurting so much that achieving their own inner peace is all the
healing they can manage in one life time.  Likewise there's a whole
spectrum of intentionality with substance use, not just "junky" or
"shaman"... one person may be dodging reality, another may need a
total psychic overhaul, another may just need a weekly or even daily
reminder of the path they want to be on.   And I think it counts as
spirituality just to have a purely joyful or pleasurable experience
(if it isn't otherwise damaging), because joy is an important part of
our spiritual well-being.

My point was that if they aren't visibly damaging themselves or
others, then it's not really for someone else to judge whether their
intentions are frivolous, honest, reverent, or likely to be
productive.  If you're still an asshole from coming down, maybe you've
only found half the truth.  It's just not the half that involves not
being an asshole.  Nobody ever said we had to learn everything in one
go (or 5, or 10).

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