[Ibogaine] Ibogaine Digest, Vol 1, Issue 132

toast at bsd.miki.eu.org toast at bsd.miki.eu.org
Thu Sep 27 13:41:08 EDT 2007

Thanks for all the responses folks. In reponse to Doug here, I'm
definitely interested in self exploration, I've got a lot of personal
issues, just like everybody on this list probably, and I'd like at some
point, when I'm ready, to see how ibogaine might help me confront some of
these things.

> ibogaine ain't no 3hr pleasure cruise.   Define "spiritual exploration"
> - do you mean the usual cover story for hedonistic goofing off or a
> serious look into one's self?  Most people yammer about the latter, and
> actually do the former - hypocrisy is rife within the "entheogen"
> community.  "Just for the experience" is not a good enough reason to put
> yourself thru hell for 36 hours
> and no, ibogaine is not best used for people getting off dope.  The
> getting off dope part is secondary to the whole process - a crucial one
> for addicts but it's the self examination that is most important - and
> probably the lack of it (or not going deep enough into it) is the reason
> people slide back.   It's just that ibogaine has the chemical properties
> to deal with opiate addiction versus something like acid.   But I would
> recommend everyone take ibogaine at least once - once they're ready to
> truly face it and not just for the experience
> doug

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