[Ibogaine] IBO Booster reaction...

Capt Kirk captkirknz at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Sep 27 07:31:52 EDT 2007

Thanks Charles,
geez didn't even get my own email come back to me! 
There were three of us who all ate the last 3 capsules containing 200 mg.  I got sick, tanz was sick once then just a bit nauseas, and the third person was absolutely fine.  
What do you think about paracetamol being something ibogaine may try to clear out of your system?
Unfortunately I've been taking a bit lately for neck pain due to imbalance in the boob dept.  
I've never been prone to gastro stuff, it felt more like something else was being taken out of me lol. if that makes sense..
but thank you muchly
hope is well in SA and we the All Blacks look forward to kicking SA butt heehee
(seriously begging for it all to be over rugby cup shoved down yer throat OTT here in NZ)

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Hello again Captain

I don't think the Ibogaine had anything to do with the symptoms that you 
described, other than a little nausea.  The dose is not enough to cause any 
serious vomiting.

I think that your taking of the dose and an at that stage symtomless Gastro 
episode co-incided by accident, and the tests will show up the cause. 
Unless, of course, the Ibogaine was itself contaminated by a spot of E Coli, 
which is highly unlikely.

Hope you feel better soon

Kind regards

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> Hi fellow knowledgable iboganauts...
> Since i did a 200 mg booster recently, which had the effect of cleaning me 
> out over the weekend..... anybody have any theories as to why this might 
> have happened, considering it was such a small amount? Reminded me of when 
> i took root bark (about 130 caps all up lol) and had same results, 
> vomiting and runs for two days/nights solid.
> Just bin pondering it.....I'm waiting to hear back from blood tests which 
> I did 6 days after as my CRP has been slowly creeping up .... usually 
> indicating some kind of infection or something going on....bit of a needle 
> in the haystack test really......I'm curious if the clean out may have 
> stablised the CRP...... will call doc tomorrow and ask......
> Cheers oh wise ones...
> Kirk :o)-~~~~~~~~@
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