[Ibogaine] Ibogaine Synthesis (and a question)

Brad Hays bradleyheathhays at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 00:53:44 EDT 2007

Hey ekki, du sprecht deutsche gut ober nicht sehr gut?  Couldn't get that
second link to load..be grateful for some redirection.

But to answer your second question toasty, find you a qualified provider and
hit yerself up a dose of about 16mg/kg of ibo soon as you're mentally
prepared, which means lots of investigation here and other places.  In my
opinion ibogaine is easily among this planet's top 5 ingestants for personal
growth.  Kicking an opiate habit was how this stuff was discovered and
brought to the world, but again in my opinion, this compound's potential for
self exploration and healing may be its greatest attribute.  stick around
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