[Ibogaine] all in a junkys daze

Randy Faulconer bicuitboy714 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 09:36:17 EDT 2007

      May a Kawasaki 500 MK 3 in mint condition fall in to your hands. I
will walk to Utah to ride it.

On 9/26/07, LEE <JUNKBOY64 at msn.com> wrote:
> hi y'all,
> today is offically wendsday, but I want to ask about tuesday...
> tuesday was very weird... so has this whole week...
> a couple days ago, my paypal (bank) account was all of a sudden withdrawn
> by 1250$ (US dollars) apparently when I would go to the atm to withdraw
> money (not my banks atm, just the closest one) the bank would not finalize
> taking the money.. so my bank would take the money out of my account and
> hold it for 5 days and then when the other bank didn't finalize the taking
> of the money, the money would be put back into my account... I go through
> tons of money with my business, so I don't really pay attention to whats
> coming and going... so.. anyway.. this week the bank that I was using their
> atm to withdraw money, just finally took all the money that they never
> finalized.. so they are taking atm cash withdrawls from 7-10-2008 to this
> month... anyway.. that's the start of the strangness...
> today at work, I sold over 450$ in parts off of one bike that I bought for
> 10$... the parts usually should have sold for a total of 40-50$ for all of
> them.... for some reason, people bid the parts up (I sell motorcycle parts
> on ebay) to 10 times their usual worth... I had almost every friend that I
> have call me today, just to say hi... im talking about the phone not
> stopping ringing..... some guy came over yesterday and sold me a 1967-68
> yamaha ycs1 motorcycle in mint condition for 20$. that motorcycle is one
> that Ive never heard of, let alone seen and here is one with no rust on the
> rims!! mint shape!!  today I had a guy call and order about 5 motors for
> 500$ each. I usually part out the motors and get 3-400$ out of them, but it
> takes several weeks or months to get that much... he also makes custom
> chopper motorcycles and pays a premium for motorcycle parts that I consider
> not worth much... such a strange day... im still about 750$ in the hole in
> my bank account, but it hasn't really bothered me much... I figured that I
> would just put in more hours and quickly get the balance to be positive, but
> im not stressing out about it... there is more wierdness but its late and im
> going to go to bed as work comes early when you don't actually have to get
> up until you want to, but you know you should be up before you really want
> to... lol..... anyway.. I thought this week and especially today have been
> really strange... it seems that everything was not going well for me, but
> even in the tempest of everything going wrong, everything seems to be coming
> up  Lee. lets hope the trend continues... I don't mind some strange trials
> when I get such strange rewards.... now if someone could just teach me how
> to run a business and how to bookkeep.... whats a balance sheet? a profit
> loss statement? what are you talking about willis?? im not kidding, gary
> coleman lives a town away...
> laterz, boyz and girlz
> junky monkey, junky monkey, who is that lovely junky monkey? (it me...
> hahahah)
> good hell, night people.....
> specializing in honda and yamaha motorcycle parts 1960-1989. if you need
> anything call or email, we can get any part you need. new, and used, even if
> the part is obsolete.
> if someone you love is addicted to something (heroin, cocaine, meth, ect),
> google ibogaine.... its worth your time..... i promise....
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