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Melanie Gutierrez gutierrezmelanie at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 08:33:27 EDT 2007

I don't know if this will help at all put it into perspective, it sometimes
does for me.
This for sure has been a different sort of week.  This is still part of the
week, where at work I met the kid with psychic abilities (Good ones too!).
My mom has just been freaking out all week.  By the way, I've had the same
relationship with my mother in the past....Its all too early for me right
now.  Keep bouncing along, you sound good, things are looking up.
I'm sending all sorts of good energy your way!
Peace, Love and Harmony

On 9/26/07, LEE <JUNKBOY64 at msn.com> wrote:
> hi y'all,
> today is offically wendsday, but I want to ask about tuesday...
> tuesday was very weird... so has this whole week...
> a couple days ago, my paypal (bank) account was all of a sudden withdrawn
> by 1250$ (US dollars) apparently when I would go to the atm to withdraw
> money (not my banks atm, just the closest one) the bank would not finalize
> taking the money.. so my bank would take the money out of my account and
> hold it for 5 days and then when the other bank didn't finalize the taking
> of the money, the money would be put back into my account... I go through
> tons of money with my business, so I don't really pay attention to whats
> coming and going... so.. anyway.. this week the bank that I was using their
> atm to withdraw money, just finally took all the money that they never
> finalized.. so they are taking atm cash withdrawls from 7-10-2008 to this
> month... anyway.. that's the start of the strangness...
> today at work, I sold over 450$ in parts off of one bike that I bought for
> 10$... the parts usually should have sold for a total of 40-50$ for all of
> them.... for some reason, people bid the parts up (I sell motorcycle parts
> on ebay) to 10 times their usual worth... I had almost every friend that I
> have call me today, just to say hi... im talking about the phone not
> stopping ringing..... some guy came over yesterday and sold me a 1967-68
> yamaha ycs1 motorcycle in mint condition for 20$. that motorcycle is one
> that Ive never heard of, let alone seen and here is one with no rust on the
> rims!! mint shape!!  today I had a guy call and order about 5 motors for
> 500$ each. I usually part out the motors and get 3-400$ out of them, but it
> takes several weeks or months to get that much... he also makes custom
> chopper motorcycles and pays a premium for motorcycle parts that I consider
> not worth much... such a strange day... im still about 750$ in the hole in
> my bank account, but it hasn't really bothered me much... I figured that I
> would just put in more hours and quickly get the balance to be positive, but
> im not stressing out about it... there is more wierdness but its late and im
> going to go to bed as work comes early when you don't actually have to get
> up until you want to, but you know you should be up before you really want
> to... lol..... anyway.. I thought this week and especially today have been
> really strange... it seems that everything was not going well for me, but
> even in the tempest of everything going wrong, everything seems to be coming
> up  Lee. lets hope the trend continues... I don't mind some strange trials
> when I get such strange rewards.... now if someone could just teach me how
> to run a business and how to bookkeep.... whats a balance sheet? a profit
> loss statement? what are you talking about willis?? im not kidding, gary
> coleman lives a town away...
> laterz, boyz and girlz
> junky monkey, junky monkey, who is that lovely junky monkey? (it me...
> hahahah)
> good hell, night people.....
> specializing in honda and yamaha motorcycle parts 1960-1989. if you need
> anything call or email, we can get any part you need. new, and used, even if
> the part is obsolete.
> if someone you love is addicted to something (heroin, cocaine, meth, ect),
> google ibogaine.... its worth your time..... i promise....
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