[Ibogaine] OT it all relates to Ibo for me

Capt Kirk captkirknz at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Sep 24 19:53:20 EDT 2007

Hah how could anyone forget about me???  Um... no forget that... it's pretty easy lol.
Geez a few days.....that would equal a few hundy ibo emails!
Sounds like we've swapped states of mind... or is that state of minds?  I think im going thru empty nest thingy and boy does that include massive amounts of looking back and guilt....guess I'll work thru it and find someway to feel useful again..........
That kid sounds cool.... I've read about pyschic kiddies thru indigo links and james twyman......pretty amazing stuff...
anyway glad to hear you're doing good!! hope a session is on the horizon

Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] OT it all relates to Ibo for me

Oh Holy Cow!
Dont think I forgot about you, my leader of the misfits. I just decided to wait a few days, let the inbox fill, then just spend the time deleting the silly ones and reading the good ones. :) Nursey stuff...Awesome, I'm over the "I've failed, my life sucks" phase *wooo*  I'm working at a behavioral health hosp for kids.  Weird how the universe puts you where you need to be.  It's starting to justify why my life, in my opinion, went to shit last year.  Why I'm still here, where as I had other goals for myself.

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