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Melanie Gutierrez gutierrezmelanie at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 17:13:04 EDT 2007

Oh Holy Cow!
Dont think I forgot about you, my leader of the misfits. I just decided to
wait a few days, let the inbox fill, then just spend the time deleting the
silly ones and reading the good ones. :) Nursey stuff...Awesome, I'm over
the "I've failed, my life sucks" phase *wooo*  I'm working at a behavioral
health hosp for kids.  Weird how the universe puts you where you need to
be.  It's starting to justify why my life, in my opinion, went to shit last
year.  Why I'm still here, where as I had other goals for myself.

Remember last years posts about how mental illness and spirituality mix,
again I'm speaking for me self.  I'm coming to the realization of how while
I'm cycling I am feeling the ebb and flow of the universe. Coming to the
realization of, is by polar really a disease, a disorder, but the group of
people that can feel the universe stronger beyond what others can physically
feel.  I've most likely freak some out by now...but... I have had this most
awesome experience at work, where a really messed up kid, making a horribly
long story short, came out to me about his psychic abilities.  The energy
exchange I had with this kid was so immense, painful, peaceful, the list of
physical emotions goes on, as he told me about an event that was happening
as we spoke, that i later was able to seek the truth.  he spoke word for
word what another person was going to tell me about the event.  there i
digress.  Back to what i have learned from the event :) It was most powerful
to be able to share that healing energy with him, it was the most
uncomfortable comfortable space that I have ever been in. And I won't
blather  more on that, but I've been able to see a lot of things come to
light.  Which brings me tooooooo................. MY treatment.  No fear
My treatment right now is all about time,  where to do it, when to do it, is
it time to do it yet, yeah.....when some of those questions are answered for
me then I'll know.  BLAH  its what I've had to reside too.  Yeah my manic
mind goes through, maybe i'll just go to Gabon, maybe I'll just go to kirks,
maybe I'll just go.....the list also goes on.  When I first found out about
ibo over a year ago, I knew instantly that it is something that I need to go
through for my own good.  Now I know that i still have to understand my own
abilities within my own psyche first for me to get a good meaning out of my
cybernaut trip.
Theres how I'M doing........
Howz everyone else DOING...............
Love, peace and Harmony...

On 9/20/07, Capt Kirk <captkirknz at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Wow flattered again.... Leader???? Sweeeet!! That's the nicest thing
> anyone has ever (and probably WILL ever) say to me "big grin".
> How are you going Mel? How's the nursey stuff.... and any closer to a
> treatment??

I remain..
> Leader of the Misfits
> hahahhahaha too funny
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> But seriously , it has been really entertaining watching all this.  I've
> been listless for about 3 weeks.  And the part about Kurt being in
> charge.....I thought wow that's a short straw to draw.  The leader of the
> misfits.  I agree, soon the list will be back to all of us, who sometimes
> annoy one another, but the stream is always filled with endless love.....
> Peace, Love and Harmony
> M
> On 9/20/07, wleetheriot <wleetheriot at ca.rr.com > wrote:
> >
> > Its amusing how many people are confused by the term e-mail interface in
> > regards to subscribe or unsubscribe commands. For me it is instinctual to
> > move the mouse over the blue underlined link for the list at the bottom of
> > any list message and left-click if I want to subscribe/unsubscribe. Clicking
> > on the link in a HTML web page gives the same results as clicking on the
> > link in an email message: you get an email response to which you reply
> > following the instructions. It seems like a simple task; I have been using
> > email since 1993.     When composing a new message/thread, everyone
> > should copy and paste from any message the entire body of text surrounding
> > the link for link commands into the message body of the new message [new
> > thread].
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> > With MAC Mail, I sometimes also have to "copy" and "make hyperlink" the
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> > workable link.
> >
> > My solution for getting rid of "unsubscribe messages is to mark as
> > "junk" mail from those people and delete the message. Then I won't keep
> > getting those messages repeated. In a few weeks this should separate the
> > regulars from the ones who want off the list.
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> > Peace,
> > Warren
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