[Ibogaine] ListS

Tim Meehan tmeehan at connect.carleton.ca
Mon Sep 24 14:30:00 EDT 2007

On 24-Sep-07, at 4:01 AM, Patrick K. Kroupa wrote:

> If you've had a message you tried to post, that got kicked back to
> you, sorry.  It ain't the FBI, Secret Service, DEA, or Thought Police
> this time, it's our OpenBSD firewall firing to life.  The ro0Lz need
> some, ahum, tuning.  Please try again, it's not personal, it's not
> THE MAN, mahn, it's just figuring out which of 10,000 different
> settings can continue to cruise along in Insanely paranoiD mode, and
> which ones need to be kicked back a few notches.

Hey Patrick:

Since switching my subs over to my school account from gmail, I'm now  
actually GETTING DrugWar-L and Ibogane-L again!

Is there something about mindvox lists and gmail?

Anyway, great to be receiving the traffic again.

-Tim Meehan
Carleton University
Ottawa, Canada

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