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Whoa, the whole book is here:


For purposes of this discussion the most relevant, (since it's a profile 
of a heroin addict, and the life forces that helped make her that way), 
chapters start here: http://www.nospank.net/fyog11.htm#drugs


Jellking wrote:
> Hi Lee and all, reading your childhood stuff is very moving for me.  
> Sometimes I wonder if the people here realize how friggin' brave they 
> really are!  To me (and obviously no one else need take this to heart, 
> if it doesn't work for you), all these addictions begin as discoveries 
> into ways to ease the pain and anxiety, and not just ease it, but 
> obliterate it temporarily.  Later, we're left with way more to deal 
> with than we started with, but for me, it's that original choice to 
> get some relief that's significant.  Not an incomprehensible move, not 
> a 'bad' move, morally speaking, just a "how do you spell relief?" kind 
> of move.  And then the next move is like you're doing, trying to find 
> other ways, trying to disconnect the addiction, but still left with 
> the original trauma.  I find for me it's best if I just flat out admit 
> to myself the trauma just IS.  For me, in a strange way, admitting to 
> myself it would never go away, made it less in the forefront of my 
> life, and so on.  I wonder if other people have found that too, or if 
> I'm just kidding myself.  Jane
> */LEE <JUNKBOY64 at MSN.COM>/* wrote:
>     chi,
>     thanks tons!
>     id rather stay away from suboxone and not have to step down... Im
>     going to put ibogiane into my body and get off the opiates, but
>     the biggest part, is  I need to get over my childhood that I keep
>     pretending didn't happen... as marc has been pointing out, my dad
>     worked all the hours that I was home from school so he was gone
>     all the time except for saturdays and sundays... he molested us
>     kids when he was home and hated me especially... I keep thinking
>     that it wasn't a big deal and I don't have to deal with it, but as
>     marc has wrote about absent parents, ive realised how it hurt me
>     as a child and how im keeping my defenses up still, even tho I
>     don't have to... I thought my mom was normal, but im finding that
>     I hate her more and more, ever single day as I remember telling
>     her about my dad abusing my sister and my brothers said that they
>     told her too... I said something to her a couple years ago, and
>     she denied it... anyway.;.. I need to deal with all that and I
>     think with some counceling,some ibo, and some love, that  I can
>     deal with, and get on with my life, not having to feel like a lost
>     little kid at 32.... anyway...........
>     j
>     specializing in honda and yamaha motorcycle parts 1960-1989. if
>     you need anything call or email, we can get any part you need.
>     new, and used, even if the part is obsolete.
>     if someone you love is addicted to something (heroin, cocaine,
>     meth, ect), google ibogaine.... its worth your time..... i promise....
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>         >
>         >
>         >matt,
>         >im starting to think, that's what I may do.... just reading
>         on the list has
>         >gotten me to go look more into the suboxone, and its sounds
>         just as scary
>         >as methadone... I wont do the methadone, so I may go back to
>         the morphine,
>         >as I can get that about 100 times cheaper than the oxys.....
>         im going to do
>         >a little more research and then decide... but so far, it
>         sounds like doing
>         >the short acting opiates will make things much easier with
>         less problems
>         >and depression......
>         >lee/junky
>         >
>         hey Lee, long time know speak. after my semi failed attempt at
>         ibo (it got
>         me off methadone) i went 22mg of suboxone. for me, it is
>         great. nothing like
>         methadone at all. kills the cravings and i dont feel like a
>         zombie letting
>         time slide past as i did on done. it was a bit hard a first
>         for me ive had
>         an anxiety problem my whole life and suffer from ptsd and
>         suboxone does make
>         you very anxious for the first couple of weeks till you
>         stablise. all that
>         aside, i had another reduction last week and im now down to
>         16mg. the
>         reductions are a lot easier than methadone reductions so you
>         can take bigger
>         steps if you feel comfortable enough to do that.
>         i hope all goes well, best wishesm chi x
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